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Send flowers in just a few simple steps when you shop from our extensive and eye-catching selection! Find elaborate arrangements, birthday bouquets, same-day flowers and more when you send flowers online with ProFlowers.

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What gifts can I send along with flowers?

When you order flowers online with ProFlowers, you have the option to add on any number of tasty treats and generous gift baskets from our selection.   To select the perfect present to accompany your order, just think about the gift recipient’s personal taste and passions. If they can’t leave the house without a hot cup of java, a coffee-themed gift basket would be a great gift. And if they’ve got a green thumb, a potted plant would be the perfect long-term present to add to their collection.

How long does flower delivery take?

Want to order flowers online but worried that your last-minute gift won’t arrive on time? Worry not! ProFlowers has your procrastination presents covered. Shop our selection of same-day flower deliveries and order before 2PM in the recipient’s time zone for weekday orders, and before 1PM for Saturday and Sunday deliveries.   Whether you want to send just because flowers or a special floral arrangement for a birthday or anniversary, you’ll find tons of thoughtful, gorgeous gifts within our selection, no planning necessary.

Will my flowers get delivered safely and on time?  

Absolutely! With over 100 years of experience, the team at ProFlowers is committed to sending flowers to your loved ones at the height of their freshness. Not only do we pay special attention to the timeliness of your delivery, but we’ll also carefully package your order of flowers so they’re ready to display the moment they arrive on the doorstep!

How much does it cost to send flowers to someone?  

Depending on the bouquet of flowers you choose and the day you need them, the price of sending flowers can vary significantly. ProFlowers strives to make online flower ordering and delivery affordable for every budget. We often have sales on many of our bouquets, meaning you can score a high-quality flower arrangement for less than $30! Need to order birthday flowers last minute for a celebration that slipped your mind? ProFlowers offers same-day delivery so you can send flowers today, they’ll never know the difference, and it will only cost you an extra $4.99.

What occasions should I send flowers?

There is truly no limit to the occasions in which you could send flowers. However, some of the most popular reasons to send flowers include anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and other occasions you'd want to offer your well-wishes. A thoughtfully selected bouquet is a great way to say congratulations as well as send your love to someone who is grieving. However, you don't always need a reason to send flowers to someone. After all, there's something to be said for just-because gifts. Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect bouquet for your needs! From bright and beautiful sunflowers to romantic red roses, our floral arrangements always make the right impression.

How to send flowers to someone

You can send flowers to virtually anyone with ProFlowers' easy online ordering process; your friends, family, and even your boss will appreciate a beautiful bouquet. When looking at flowers online, keep in mind the person you're sending them to and why. You want to choose something that matches their personality and is also best suited for the circumstances. What are you waiting for? Show that special someone you're thinking of them by ordering flowers online now!