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Bouquet of Flowers

Shopping for a bouquet of flowers to impress? Our mixed flower bouquets range from elegant arrangements of lilies to festive rainbows of roses. Each bouquet is designed to pack a punch of color while complementing any area of the home or office. Order a flower bouquet delivery for birthdays, anniversaries, and more!

What’s in a bouquet of flowers?

It depends! When you order a bouquet of flowers from ProFlowers, the options are limitless! Choose from mixed bouquets with spring tulips and calla lilies, vibrant sunflowers accented by purple monte and dianthus, and more. Our flower bouquets are sure to include beautiful blooms your loved one will love to display in their home or office.
Some of our most popular flower bouquets include:
  • Smiles & Sunshine with roses and Peruvian lilies
  • Sweet Spring with pink Asiatic lilies, orange sunset mini callas, yellow striped tulips, and more
  • Premium Joyful Bouquet with Stargazer lilies and blue iris

How long does a bouquet of flowers last?

All of our flower bouquets are picked fresh from our trusted growers, and assembled shortly after by our team of professional florists before they’re shipped overnight. We guarantee that our flower bouquets will stay fresh for at least seven days. It's because of these standards that ProFlowers has become a preferred source for fast, fresh and beautiful flower bouquets.

Will ProFlowers deliver my bouquet of flowers safely?

Looking for the best flower delivery service to deliver a bouquet of flowers to your loved one? Look no further than ProFlowers. Our expansive selection of flower bouquets and gifts is second-to-none, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering!
When you send flowers with us, you can rest assured that the recipient is delighted with their delivery of vibrant birthday flowers, romantic roses, or bright get well flowers. That’s because our flower bouquets are picked fresh by the best growers in the world, designed by passionate florists, and shipped overnight to ensure fast delivery. No matter what occasion you’re shopping for, flower bouquets are sure to convey the right message and brighten your loved one’s day!