Anemone Flowers

Striking colors. Delicate shape. Anemone flowers are truly a unique mix of power and pretty, bringing a one-of-a-kind look to any floral arrangement. A lovely partner to roses, tulips or peonies or gorgeous as a standalone bouquet, wow them with an awe-inspiring anemone flower delivery from Proflowers today!

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What is the meaning of anemone flowers?

The anemone flower has a bit of a mixed meaning. Coming from the Greek word "anemone" which translates as "the wind's daughter," the poppy-like flower is also called windflower. These eye-catching blooms are known to pop open from the wind as well as sway softly in light breezes. When planted, anemone flowers exhibit nyctinasty, a natural behavior which means that they close at night and open during the day. As a result, anemone flowers most commonly represent anticipation, making the blossoms an optimal choice for weddings and baby showers. Additionally, a wildflower, the anemone flower exudes relaxation and is a delightful way to wish your mentor well in retirement. And yet, many also believe that having anemone flowers will help in warding off disease.

On top of that, depending on its hue, the anemone flower can express other sentiments as well.

Red Anemones: Going back to Greek mythology, it is said that when her lover, Adonis, was killed by the gods, the Goddess Aphrodite wept tears of anemones flowers. The blood Adonis shed stained them red. Similarly, in Christianity, the red anemone flower embodied the blood of Christ on the cross. Consequently, red (and pink) anemones have been a symbol of forsaken love or lost love due to death.

White Anemones: Also tied to death in China and Ancient Egypt, white anemones, are known to be an omen of bad luck. While in Western cultures, white anemone flowers are linked to more positive emotions including innocence and sincerity.

Blue Anemones: While known to represent protection from evil, the blue anemone also exudes mutual trust and love or respect.

Wow with Anemone Flowers

With dozens of species and a multitude of tones including white, yellow, red, pink, blue, purple, coral and even bi-color petals, the options are endless to incorporate anemone flowers into your next event. In recent years, anemone flowers have become a hot trend in wedding arrangements. Pull together delicate white anemone flowers with their dramatic black centers with eucalyptus or other dusty greens for a breathtaking bridal bouquet that could go modern, vintage or bo-ho.

Playful anemone bouquets are a simple yet stunning way to add a pop of vibrancy to your Mother's Day tablescape. Or welcome your best friend's little one to the world with these sweet buttercups in pink or blue. From nuptials to ninetieth birthdays, Proflowers' vibrant and versatile online anemone flowers are a party planner's dream.

Anemone flower bouquets on display

Although anemones flowering plants typically grow outside and are rarely potted due to the way their roots grow, freshly cut anemone flowers are widely available. Our anemone bouquets, shipped in charming vases and containers, are ready to go from doorstep to display. Anemone flowers thrive best in one or two inches of water, and once they bloom, these beauties will last approximately ten days. Keep in mind though that anemone flowers can be dangerous if ingested by humans, but more importantly by pets, so be sure to set your arrangement out of reach from your beloved fur babies.