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Dried Flowers, Dried Floral Arrangements, Pampas and Grasses

Dried flowers are an elegant, unique alternative to fresh floral arrangements. Dried florals can be incorporated into centerpieces and bouquets to add a touch of long-lasting color and grace. Whether you're looking for a winter bouquet with a more understated aesthetic or you just want floral decorations without having to worry about replacing wilting flowers, dried floral arrangements delivered straight to the recipient are a great option.

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Dried Flowers Frequently Asked Questions

Don't let your lack of familiarity with dried floral arrangements stop you from enjoying these stunning and unique flowers. No matter the occasion, all flower arrangements can also be prepared using dried flowers. Let us help clarify your questions about dried flowers and bouquets below.

What does it mean when someone gives you dried flowers?

You can have dried flowers delivered for all of the same situations and special occasions for which you'd give fresh flower bouquets. Dried flowers can be an especially powerful way to preserve a bouquet or flower with special meaning. Want to give a friend or loved one a memento of a sentimental occasion or a celebrated accomplishment? We can help you arrange a bouquet of dried flowers they'll cherish for months or years to come. Featuring a recently passed loved one's favorite flower in a dried arrangement of sympathy flowers can also be a moving way to preserve their memory during the grieving process and beyond.

Do you put dried flowers in water?

You should not put dried flowers in water, as they need to stay dry to maintain their unique appearance. Putting dried flowers in water will not rehydrate them or cause them to re-bloom. This is one of the main benefits of dried flowers—they maintain their appearance consistently for much longer periods of time than fresh flowers, which require maintaining fresh water in a vase. A dried floral arrangement should last at least a year, and sometimes longer, as long as it is kept dry and isn't in constant direct sunlight.

What is the difference between dried and preserved flowers?

Drying flowers is one way to preserve flowers to make them last longer than they would if left fresh in a vase. Dried florals are essentially flowers that are dehydrated in a controlled manner, leaving a fully intact flower with a slightly different appearance than its fresh-cut version. Dried flowers often have a unique and interesting texture that can help accent certain bouquets and attract the eye. Often dried floral arrangements have a slightly deeper or subtler color, making them perfect for winter and more rustic aesthetics. Having dried flowers delivered is also easy, since they aren't as affected as fresh flowers by the length of time spent in shipping.

Order Dried Florals with Proflowers

We can help you take your next bouquet or centerpiece to the next level with an elegant dried floral arrangement. Many of our bouquets are also available for same day flower delivery. Looking to have an arrangement of dried flowers delivered same-day? Just browse our selection and make sure to place your order by 2 pm on weekdays or 1 pm on weekends in the recipient's time zone.