Flower Sets and Bundles

At Proflowers, we are aware that some occasions require much more than a single bouquet or arrangement. That’s why we proudly offer curated bouquet bundles and flower sets to customers. What’s even better? When you order a flower set with Proflowers, you will still enjoy the same-day flower delivery that we offer on our individual bouquets. So, when it comes time for your next party, baby shower, or corporate event, decorate with one of our floral sets, and be sure to impress everyone in attendance. Everyone loves beautiful flowers, and at Proflowers, we’ve made the process of ordering them easier than ever before.

Bundle Best-Selling Bouquets for Any Occasion

We’ve done the hard work of gathering our best-selling bouquets for our flower sets so you don’t have to. Rest assured that the collection of flowers you receive contains the best, freshest, and brightest arrangements we have to offer. We also deeply understand the importance of bundling flowers that are occasion-specific and appropriate. From birthday parties to Day of the Dead celebrations, we’ve got the right color pallets and bouquets to accompany any type of event. Looking for very specific party or table decorations? Browse centerpieces and décor to see all of our other options, and set your delivery for a specific day.

Decorate Your Event with Bouquet Sets

Throwing a corporate or private event? Flowers are a fantastic way to bring your event décor to the next level. Save time and headaches by furnishing your event with Proflowers’ curated bouquet sets, and be sure to impress everyone in attendance with their cohesion, brilliance, and beauty. Our hand-selected sets include the best-selling Proflowers bouquets, and they’ve been specifically designed to complement particular types of events. We’ve got exactly the right flower set for your special day, whether it’s a baby shower or an engagement party. You can also easily order bulk flowers from us using the same process.

Order Flower Bundles and More with Proflowers

Send flowers for any occasion, large or small, with Proflowers. We pride ourselves on curating the perfect bouquets for any kind of event at any scale or level of formality. That’s why we offer hand-selected floral bundles in addition to our individual arrangements, and our non-floral gift options. Shop all flower bouquets, and find the one that is just right for the particular job. Everyone loves flowers, and no one makes flower delivery easier than Proflowers.