Pet-Friendly Plants, Flowers & Gifts

While all flowers are beautiful, they don’t all agree with our furry friends. At Proflowers, we pride ourselves on our large selection of pet-safe flowers and plants. Even better, we also have a collection of gifts specifically for pets! Start shopping pet-friendly flowers, plants, and gifts on Proflowers today!

Pet-Friendly Plants, Flowers & Gifts FAQs

What flowers are safe for cats and dogs?

At Proflowers, we’ve done the work for you of researching which flowers are toxic for pets, and which are perfectly safe to have around the house. While all flowers can be harmful to animals if consumed in large quantities, many are relatively harmless, including daisies, orchids, roses, violets, snapdragons, and so many more! Avoid the risk and trouble of deciphering which arrangements are safe and which aren’t, and find all plant varieties available for same-day delivery at Proflowers!

What plants are not harmful for pets?

Flowers aren’t the only plants our pets interact with inside and outside of our homes. Along with non-toxic flowers, Proflowers also offers a ton of pet-friendly green plants. Some of the common poisonous varieties are aloe vera, sago palms, philodendron, and Japanese yew. Pet-friendly houseplants include spider plants, money trees, as well as many types of ferns and palms. Make sure your next houseplants are safe for the furry friends you love by shopping for pet-friendly, indoor plants with Proflowers, and enjoy same-day delivery on all varieties.

Send Non-Toxic Flowers and Plants for Pets

While excessive consumption of most plants can result in health problems for our pets, there are certain common flowers and plants that are toxic for our animals. Tulips, begonias, and azaleas are just some of the many common houseplants that are toxic for dogs and cats. Only a certain small percentage of plants are truly dangerous for our animals, but ingestion of these can cause seriously harmful effects. That’s why, when it comes time to order farm-fresh plants, Proflowers guarantees pet-friendly flowering plants delivery to all customers.

Shop Pet Friendly Plants, Flowers & Gifts Today!

At Proflowers, we know how important the safety of your pets is to you. While all plants can be harmful if ingested in excessive amounts, we are committed to providing easy access to the safest pet-friendly plants and flowers for your beloved animals. That way, you can order plants for your own home or send flowers to loved ones with a sense of certainty that the pets in your life will experience no harm. Shop our bestsellers collection to find fresh ideas for your next plant, flower, and gift orders, and only send plants you know are safe with the help of Proflowers.