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Mother’s Day Plants

Make this May one to remember; surprise Mom with beautiful Mother’s Day house plants. Along with our plant delivery for Mother’s Day, we also offer mixed flower arrangements and flower baskets that feature several types of blooms, all of which will make your mom smile. Sweeten the deal by adding one of our gift baskets for Mom and a message along with your Mother’s Day plant delivery. Shop our selection of Mother’s Day plants and order online to send a sentimental surprise to Mom today!

Mother’s Day Plants FAQs

Does a Mother’s Day succulent make a good house plant?

There’s no single house plant that’s right for every mom, but we have a vast assortment of options so you can find her perfect fit. When browsing our selection of Mother’s Day plants, keep in mind what you think she’d like most, whether she prefers bright greenery or traditional houseplants. No matter her interests, we have what you need. Some of our most popular plants for Mother’s Day delivery include:

  • Lush Tropical Peace Lily

  • Potted Double Stem White Orchid

  • Braided Money Tree

  • Pink Mini Orchid

  • Potted Fragrant Gardenia

What can I give instead of Mother’s Day plants?

If you’re interested in buying her Mother’s Day flowers instead of house plants, we have a wide array of beautiful bouquets to choose from. There are a variety of flowers that symbolize motherhood, including:

  • Pink carnations: This specific hue is said to symbolize a mother’s undying love.

  • Tulips: These blooms represent comfort and happiness, just like the love our moms bring to our life.

  • Lilies: The picture of beauty and elegance, lilies are perfect for a bouquet made for mom.

  • Yellow Roses: While roses are a classic symbol of deep love, yellow roses also represent nurture, which so many mothers embody.

Any of these varieties would make excellent flowers for mom. Can’t decide between our various gifts for Mother’s Day? When trying to choose the right flower for your mom, consider her favorite color and scent or what types of bouquets she’d pick out for herself. We also offer mixed flower arrangements and flower baskets that feature several types of blooms, all of which will make your mom smile. Sweeten the deal by adding one of our gift baskets for Mom and don’t forget to add special Mother’s Day messages for her.

When should I order a Mother’s Day plant to be delivered Mother’s Day?

If you want to make this Mother’s Day extra special, order online today and have Mother’s Day plants delivered straight to Mom’s door! Proflowers makes it easy to make her feel loved; she’ll be thrilled when she receives her beautiful arrangement full of love and thoughtfulness. Don’t forget to add a personalized note with a special message that tells her just how much you love her. Our customer service team can answer any questions and help you send your order in minutes. Trust the experts at Proflowers for Mother’s Day plant delivery. We’ll make sure Mom’s house plants arrive on time and ready to enjoy.

What are the care instructions for indoor plants for Mother’s Day?

All house plants come with instructions for plant care, so your mom can keep her new gift alive and thriving.

What plants are best for Mother’s Day?

Plants are Mother’s Day gifts that she will treasure all year round. Each time she looks at the beautiful plant you’ve chosen for her, she’ll be reminded of how much you care and how lucky she is to have you in her life!

Some great Mother’s Day plants include:

Orchids - Offering a range of beautiful colors, orchids are a very popular choice and are relatively easy to care for even if your mom has little gardening experience. Their slightly exotic look means they make a striking feature in anyone’s home.

Azaleas - These are an excellent option if your mom has a garden. They’re great to gift in a pot and then plant outside. They come in a wide range of beautiful colors. They also blossom around Mother’s Day, making them an extra special gift that can be celebrated every year. Our bold Azalea Topiary plant features beautiful greenery and stunning pink blooms and is a great choice on Mother’s Day.

Roses - You can never go wrong with roses! Our mini rose collection comes in a range of beautiful colors, including yellow, white, and red, making a beautiful fragrant gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. If you’re buying for your wife this Mother’s Day, then this is also a great choice for a bit of romance.

Zen flowers - Our Zen flower collection is a perfect gift to help create peace and harmony in your mom’s home. We have a wide selection to choose from, including orchids, flowering garden baskets, and bonsais, and we’re sure you’ll find something that can bring tranquility and beauty to your mom this Mother’s Day.

Choosing the right gift plant for your mother

Which plant to choose comes down to you and your mom’s individual taste, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you select the perfect plant this Mother’s Day.

How much room does your mom have to store a plant, and where is she likely to place it in her home? Succulents are a great choice for windowsills and small shelves and are easy to care for. If your mom has a large yard, then one of our gardening plants, like a yellow mini rose plant, makes a perfect choice.

Depending on how much experience, time, and energy your mom will have to look after a new plant can help make your decision easier.

Send plants for Mother’s Day

We have a huge plant and flower selection to suit all levels of experience and tastes. Our Mother’s Day tulips and Mother’s Day lilies make a great traditional choice and are symbolic of motherhood. Combining these with Mother’s Day chocolates makes the perfect package for moms with a bit of a sweet tooth!

Shop all plants and have your beautiful gift sent for on-time Mother’s Day plants delivery!