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Pink Lilies

Any day is a good day to have a bouquet of pink lilies delivered to your loved ones. Because of their proudly pink coloring, they are favorites for welcoming a new baby girl into the world or celebrating a special lady's birthday. Pink stargazer lilies are known for the darker dots on their petals, which lend them the look of the exotic. These popular flowers have been enjoyed for thousands of years, and you can still order pink lilies online to appreciate their beauty.   Pink lilies first spread their roots out across Asia and the Balkans, making them a frequently-mentioned flower in both Asian and Greek writings. For 3000 years, people have been sharing these flowers with their loved ones for a variety of reasons. With lilies, different colors have different meanings, much like roses. A pink lily can signify acceptance, youth and romance, but it also can wish somebody wealth and prosperity. Because of these varied meanings, pink lilies become a great present for almost any occasion. Their significance in romance and acceptance makes them a meaningful addition to a bridal bouquet—in which case, their beauty is often complemented by white lilies or carnations. Mixed with irises, a bouquet of pink lilies can be a great way to show a friend or coworker your hopes for their success. In May and June, these extraordinary flowers congratulate thousands of new graduates. They make brilliant centerpieces—particularly in the summer, when they are at their most plentiful and beautiful.   Vases of pink lilies are great for any of a number of holidays—they are a sweet gift for Mother's Day or a fresh break from the usual rose bouquet on Valentine's Day. A vase of these flowers will brighten someone's week, since they last for four to seven days. Friends and family alike will delight in a bright bouquet of pink stargazer lilies delivered to their front door!