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Orange Lilies

The brilliant, flaming petals of orange lilies have been favorites for millennia across Asia and even Ancient Greece, and remain a gorgeous addition to bright, summery bouquets year-round.

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Orange Lilies Delivered

Radiant orange lilies make a gorgeous addition to the brightest of bouquets. With distinct trumpet-shaped blooms, lilies are a popular choice for many arrangements. Orange Peruvian lilies are often paired with red flowers to emphasize their brilliance, or with complementary colored flowers like blue or purple irises to cool them down. Order orange lilies online for a friend or romantic interest—either will be sure to appreciate the warmth and passion expressed by these flowers.   The gift of an orange lily once signified hatred or dislike, but in recent years its bright colors have instead grown to represent the warmth of a flame. This warmth can be interpreted in several ways—the rekindling of passion, a wordless way to say “My heart burns for you,” or the happiness and creativity provided by a good friendship. This versatility makes orange lilies ideal for a number of special occasions and celebrations. Autumn brides often find that these flowers make excellent decorations as arrangements or additions to a bridal bouquet. A gift of these flowers can kick off a romantic night or reassure your special someone that the flames of passion still burn between you. This lily's fiery bloom complements many elegant dresses and suits as a corsage or boutonniere. Occasionally, orange lilies are used in sympathy arrangements, here representing the warmth that the deceased brought during his or her lifetime.   Lilies have been a favorite subject for art across Asia and Greece for millennia, adorning paintings and gathering mentions in literature. People across the world now cultivate these flowers, still marveling at their many brilliant shades. Even today, when a gift of orange lilies is delivered, the flaming petals remind the recipient's heart of the heat of passion. The blooms should last between one and two weeks. Although they are often considered fall and summer flowers, you can order orange lilies, including Alstroemeria any time of the year to bring about two weeks' worth of brightness to your loved ones' lives.