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White Lilies & White Lily Bouquets

White lilies are a timeless way to show your gratitude, your love, or your sympathy. Often, white lilies are included in arrangements for weddings, but they also make a perfect and respectful way to show your love at a celebration of life. With their delicate petals and elegant blooms, lilies are a formal and classy flower, good for a variety of occasions. Our selection of lilies comes fresh, so you never have to worry about showing your love, admiration, or respect the right way.

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White Lilies FAQs

What does sending white lilies mean?

A white lilies delivery can take on any number of meanings, depending on the occasion and the recipient. Lilies have a long and illustrious past, symbolizing purity, motherhood, and rebirth since the days of the ancient Greeks. Because they symbolize rebirth, lilies make hopeful and peaceful white funeral flowers. Different colored lilies have different sentiments associated with them:

  • White lilies: purity, motherhood, rebirth

  • Red: passionate love

  • Orange: wealth and prosperity

  • Yellow: fun, love, and springtime

  • Pink: happiness and abundance

Whatever the occasion, we have a lily flower delivery that can send just the message you need.

Where do white lilies grow?

Lilies are native to warmer regions around the world, from the Middle East and Southern Europe to Mexico and North Africa. Today, lilies are cultivated worldwide to deliver their brilliance and beauty to people everywhere. Wherever you reside in the U.S., you can be sure that Proflowers makes delivering a fresh and vibrant white floral arrangement of lilies easy.

And, if you’re in a pinch, don’t worry. We offer same day flower delivery as well! Those last-minute gifts, thank you bouquets, or sympathy flowers will always arrive on time. Show your loved ones how much you care by ordering a white lilies bouquet delivery.

When is it appropriate to gift white lilies?

The white lily flower is perfect for formal occasions. They make beautiful sympathy plants for those going through a difficult time, and can be displayed at a burial, viewing, or celebration of life. On the other end of the spectrum, lilies also make a classic and joyful choice for weddings and bridal showers. Their radiance brings cheer and the promise of happy days to come. Plus, because they symbolize motherhood, they are a great choice for brides who might soon be expecting.

Since lilies also convey positivity and happiness, they make for great birthday flowers. Send your grandma, favorite aunt, or best pal a vase of white lilies and light up their day!

Types of white lilies

Renowned for their lovely blooms that bring a touch of elegance to any home or garden, lilies are a unique alternative to a standard rose delivery. There are some 100 species of lilies around the world, but here’s a roundup of the most common lilies used in floral arrangements:

  • Madonna lilies are characterized by their ivory petals that may have a light green center. This trumpet-shaped bloom produces a lovely fragrance, making it a popular addition to mixed bouquets or table centerpieces.

  • Casablanca lilies are an oriental lily hybrid praised for their elegant petals and sweet fragrance. As the lily blooms, the white petals curl outward.

  • Easter lilies are originally native to Japan but are now cultivated all over the world. While eye-catching, these flowers are notorious for dropping pollen. To avoid yellow stains, remove the pistils as soon as the flower blooms.

  • Peace lilies are a low-maintenance plant identified by their waxy, deep green leaves and unusual white flowers. They make a great gift for recipients who do not have a green thumb.

  • Calla lilies grow in a variety of pretty shades, but it’s reputed that the white calla lily is the most fragrant. These blooms are popular in bridal and memorial arrangements as they symbolize both commitment and rebirth.

White Lily Flowers Delivered for All Occasions

Delight someone you love with a white lilies delivery from Proflowers! A gorgeous arrangement of freshly-cut blooms is sure to make their day. Browse our extensive collection of floral gifts and choose your delivery date. Shop all flowers, place your order, and rest easy knowing they will safely reach their destination.