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White Lilies

White lilies are a timeless way to show your gratitude, your love, or your sympathy. Often, white lilies are included in arrangements for weddings, but they also make a perfect and respectful way to show your love at a celebration of life. With their delicate petals and elegant blooms, lilies are a formal and classy flower, good for a variety of occasions. ProFlowers’ selection of lilies comes fresh, so you never have to worry about showing your love, admiration, or respect the right way.

What does a white lily symbolize?

Lilies have a long and illustrious past, symbolizing purity, motherhood, and rebirth since the days of the Ancient Greeks. Because they symbolize rebirth, lilies make hopeful and peaceful white funeral flowers. Different colored lilies have different sentiments associated with them:
  • White lilies: purity, motherhood, rebirth
  • Red liles: passionate love
  • Orange lilies: wealth and prosperity
  • Yellow: fun, love, and springtime
  • Pink: happiness and abundance
Whatever the occasion, there’s often a lily that can send just the message you need.

When is it appropriate to gift white lilies?

The white lily flower is perfect for formal occasions. They make beautiful sympathy plants for those going through a difficult time, as well as funeral flowers that can be displayed at a burial, viewing, or celebration of life.   On the other end of the spectrum, lilies also make a classic and joyful choice for weddings and bridal showers. Their radiance brings cheer and the promise of happy days to come. Plus, because they symbolize motherhood, they are a great choice for brides who might soon be expecting.

Where do white lilies grow?

Lilies grow natively in warmer regions around the world, from the Middle East and Southern Europe to Mexico and North Africa. Today, lilies are cultivated worldwide to deliver their brilliance and beauty to people everywhere. Wherever you are in the US, you can be sure that ProFlowers makes delivering a fresh and vibrant white floral arrangement of lilies easy.   And, if you’re in a pinch, don’t worry. We offer same-day delivery flowers that are every bit as fresh, so those last-minute gifts, thank-yous, or expressions of sympathy arrive on time. Find the perfect white lily delivery today and show your loved ones how much you care.