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Alstroemeria Flower Bouquets at ProFlowers

Did you know that Alstroemeria flowers, also known as Peruvian lilies are some of the longest-lasting flowers in any mixed bouquet you’ll ever receive (or send!)? That’s right ? so no matter what color you pick to be part of your perfect perennial package, throw a few stems of this blooming beauty in for a lush background and full on touches and tints!   Beautifully spotted and marked perennials, Alstroemeria are beautiful lilies with deep, thick roots. They grow up to three-feet-tall on strong, branched stems. Each trumpet-shaped flower is near an inch or two in diameter. The flowers come in stunning shades of pink, rose, purple, and many more, and can be spotted or even streaked with contrasting colors. You can buy Alstroemeria stems in a striking variety of colors as well. A bouquet with pink lilies can signify femininity, youth, acceptance, romance and prosperity.   From the Alstroemeria’s bold purplish hues to the more popular deep pink and maroon reddish tones, to the luscious white creamy mix so often found in weddings and Christening ceremonies, the flower’s blooms (or "petals") stay on the flower long after full bloom so you can enjoy them a long time. These pretty petals look great on their own or as a filler flower for other arrangements. For example, set six stems among a few large sunflowers or a bunch of yellow daisies for a spring feel.