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Funeral Roses

Funeral roses from ProFlowers are a great way to show sympathy after somebody close passed away. We offer affordable pricing, dependable delivery and an unbelievable 7-day freshness guarantee. Consider ordering today. Roses are an appropriate way to show sympathy and compassion at funeral services, and are a great floral tribute to the life of those that have passed on.   Whether you need roses for the funeral ceremony, graveside, private staterooms, funeral homes or monuments, ProFlowers carries a large selection of 'sympathy rose arrangements' that are appropriate for all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for bouquets of 24 fresh white roses or an elegant white orchid plant that will last for months to come, you will find them all here. Our peace lilies come with multiple white blooms, and deep green leaves that provide contrast. We offer potted yellow roses and many different kinds of funeral wreaths with roses as a mainstay. Our sympathy wreaths come with an assortment of flowers, including white roses. A beautifully designed gift basketis another wonderful option for sending your thoughts and condolences to the family. We offer a wide selection of sizes and features to meet your needs.   Regardless of their faith, roses are known to communicate love and respect. White roses are the most appropriate color to send the grieving family or to bring to the funeral with you. You can place your order on ProFlowers whenever it is convenient for you, right from the comfort of your home or office. We offer fast delivery and fair prices - and we can deliver some of our products to you same-day if that is your need. You should be able to send your funeral roses straight to the funeral home (before the burial). White roses are again, the most appropriate to send. Consider planting the roses by the tomb of the deceased - rose bushes can last a long time if planted for and cared correctly.