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Sunflower Bouquets & Arrangements

Showy, sturdy, and sure to please, the magnificent blooms on our sunflower bouquets bring good cheer to any setting. Send sunflowers and really brighten a room or, better, a heart.

Sunflowers Bouquets & Flower Arrangements

With brilliant petals known as “rays,” sunflowers are a flower that can bring cheer and happiness into anyone’s life. Our selection of sunflower arrangements are as inviting as the warm summer sun and make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or just a random Thursday. If you want to add joy to a special someone’s day, a sunflower bouquet will do the trick. The unique splendor of this vibrant flower has been adorned by people for centuries, making the sunflower a crowd favorite. What flowers go well with sunflowers? The brilliant yellow and size of the sunflower make it the focal point of any mixed flower bouquet. To create perfect sunflower floral arrangements, you need flowers that will complement the sunflower, not compete. To create a sophisticated sunflower bouquet, choose flowers of different shades of yellow, such as daisies, carnations, and chrysanthemums to highlight the beauty of the sunflower.  Or, create bold sunflower floral arrangements with red flowers like roses, tulips, and lilies. Red and pink summer flowers will bring out the richness of both contrasting colors to create an eye-popping bouquet, while soft-hued flowers will mute the vibrancy of the sunflower’s yellow petals for a more subtle arrangement. What is the spiritual meaning of a sunflower? As with all flowering plants, fresh sunflower arrangements require tender, love, and care. To increase the longevity of your sunflower bouquet, follow these steps:
  • Remove leaves below the waterline to reduce bacteria growth
  • Cut 2-3 cm off the stems of the sunflower stalks to increase water consumption
  • Add sugar or flower food to the water to promote growth
  • Change the water every few days, using room temperature water
  • Place your sunflowers out of direct sunlight and away from drafts and areas prone to cold or hot air

Order Sunflowers and Delivered to Your Door for Any Occasion

Sunflower bouquets are perfect just because flowers or celebration flowers for major life events like anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays. With proper care, you or a loved one will be able to enjoy the unrelenting beauty of sunflower flower arrangements for weeks to come!