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Zen Flowers

Zen is an ancient Buddhist practice that has been around since the 7th century. The word Zen translates into mediation and is meant to encourage enlightenment in one’s life. It has been proven that plants and flowers can increase a person’s Zen, which in turn reduces stress and increases productivity in the home and workplace. ProFlowers make it easy to have beautiful, calming plants delivered such as a tranquil jade bonsai or peaceful white garden basket as a way to help someone reduce stress and increase their energy.   Zen Colors
When you’re searching for a peaceful flower or plant with a blossom that will increase the sense of Zen in your life, white flowers are the way to go. White is a neutral color that anyone can love, making white flowers great gifts for both men and women alike. For inexpensive flowering plants online that also incredibly lovely, turn to ProFlowers. We work with our growers to ship plants straight from the fields, making an array of Zen flowers from lucky bamboo to juniper bonsai available for under $30. And all of these inexpensive plants can be combined with additional gift options like greeting cards, chocolates, and plush animals to make the gift even more special.   When you’re trying to bring relaxation and calmness in your life or someone else’s, buy Zen garden online such as lucky bamboo plants or one of our bonsai trees. These plants are low maintenance, but still add a lot of life to any space they’re in. If you’re looking to order bonsais online, ProFlowers has a variety of this tranquil indoor plant to offer, from gardenia to juniper and even jade bonsais. Browse our unique selection today.