Succulent Delivery

Add the fun flavor of the southwest when you send succulents to friends and loved ones. Unusual leaves and ruddy hues in succulents create conversation and engender gratitude in all hearts. As a bonus, they’re easy to care for and hard to kill! Delicate, yet striking air plants are the perfect choice for anyone as they thrive on just air, light, and water.

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Succulent Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep a succulent delivery alive?

There’s an art to keeping live succulents healthy indoors. While succulents are known to withstand extreme conditions and don’t require a lot of attention, if they’re not taken care of properly, you can end up with dead and wilting plants. To keep a succulent plant delivery thriving, think about their natural habitat: the desert. This means you should keep your succulents in direct sunlight, and provide them with enough water, but be careful not to overwater them. Just like all plants, succulents need room to breathe and grow. So, to create the perfect potted garden, give your succulent flower arrangements ample sunlight, water, and room.

What are the benefits of sending a succulent arrangement delivery?

A delivery of beautiful succulents is the perfect way to show someone how much you care about them. This is because succulents have many proven benefits! When you send succulents, have peace of mind knowing they have special powers, such as the ability to:

  • Clean and purify the air

  • Enhance memory

  • Add oxygen to the air

  • Increase pain tolerance

  • Improve focus

  • Help people breathe better

Succulents make great office plants and home plants, as they improve the air quality around us, resulting in a better sense of clarity, focus, and peace.

How often should a succulent be watered?

As you now know, succulents are desert-dwellers, meaning they’re used to arid climates with little rain. However, in the desert, when it rains, it pours. What this means for your succulent arrangements is that they don’t need water all the time, like green plants, but when they do need water, they need a lot. Instead of watering your succulent Zen plants every few days with a trickle of water, wait until the soil becomes dry, and then some. Once the soil is bone dry, place your succulents in the sink or outside, and water them (a lot) until you see water coming out of the bottom of the planter. Then, wait a week or two and water your live succulents again.

Can you gift succulents?

Yes, of course! Succulents and air plants make excellent gifts. If you lack the time – or patience – to search for the best birthday or anniversary present, a succulent flower delivery is a terrific option. At Proflowers, you will find a huge selection of succulent arrangements in charming containers like terracotta pots and rustic wooden planters.

No green thumb is necessary when you send our low-maintenance succulents and bonsai trees that require minimal care. Said to bring fortune or good luck, money trees are a unique way to express gratitude, show thanks, or say congratulations! Plus, these small house plants are a great way to enhance a home’s Feng Shui, which brings harmony with the surrounding environment.

Have succulent plants and arrangements delivered

The unique landscape of the southwest, with tumbleweeds rolling across airy deserts and ghost towns riddled with rattlesnakes and cacti, is something straight out of a movie. If you want to add some western flare to your home, succulent house plants will do the trick. Succulent flower arrangements are easy to care for, making them the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself! At Proflowers, we have a variety of succulents online to choose from that will help add some desert vibes to any home.

How to care for an air plant

After receiving an air plant delivery, the next step is figuring out proper location and care. A member of the bromeliad family, air plants can thrive for several years – all without soil! As their name implies, air plants capture moisture and nutrients from the air around them, and are exceptionally easy to grow, whether in the home, office or backyard. Air plants love indirect sunlight, and prefer a moderately humid environment. Every 10 days or so, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and soak the air plant for a good half an hour. Then let it dry on a towel before placing it back in the container. Fertilization with water-dissolvable grains or an air plant foliar spray is not necessary, but can help deepen colors and improve growth. Air plants only need to be fertilized once a month during spring and summer months.

Send beautiful, low maintenance succulent plants

Our potted succulents and gardening plants make it easy to enjoy nature's bounty throughout the year. Proflower’s Happy Home succulent arrangements are ideal gifts for the budding gardener, as is our Glow and Grow Desert, packed with non-GMO aloe seeds.

Whatever the occasion, a succulent plant delivery is sure to delight your loved one. They flaunt gorgeous foliage, are drought-tolerant, and make exceptional centerpieces. Succulents are perfect gift that continues to grow. Shop all plants at Proflowers at send a memorable gift they will love.