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Tulips are a timeless and playful bloom, and the ideal gift for a variety of situations. With their wide variety of colorful blossoms, you can usually be sure that there’s a tulip for whatever occasion you could dream of. Say thank you to a loved one for something they did for you, remind a college student away from home that you’re thinking of them, or just brighten your best friend’s day with a radiant bouquet! The options are endless with this springtime favorite.

When should you plant tulips?

Tulips are a classic springtime flower, but in order to see their lovely pastel hues, be sure to plant them in the fall. They do well in colder climates—as you might know, they are a point of national pride in the Netherlands— but, before the winter freeze, their bulbs must be established in the earth. Because the varieties of tulips bloom at different times and at their own rates, if you plant different types in your bulb gardens, your flowerbed could have these lovely little blooms from early winter until late spring!

What does a tulip flower symbolize?

Tulips are a timeless symbol of joy and rebirth. This is because they bloom in the spring, and are such a sharp contrast with the grays and white of bitter winter. Tulip flower arrangements have historically been used to symbolize the coming of warmer days and the end of the long and cold winter season. Today, you can send a tulip delivery in the spring or summertime as a way to commemorate any event of the season! From April baby showers to May graduations, and June weddings to new jobs in August, tulip bouquets are a surefire way to spread joy.

What occasions do you send tulips?

Tulip deliveries make a great gift for events such as:
  • Easter — since they symbolize rebirth and come in playful pastel colors, they are ideal for this holiday.
  • Birthdays — these fun and festive blooms mirror the colorful look of balloons!
  • Baby showers — nothing livens up the decor quite like flower arrangements of gorgeous pink tulips.
  • Bridal showers — white tulips are a fun way to say congrats to the bride-to-be!
No matter the fun occasion, tulip arrangements are an excellent choice for a flower delivery you can send today!