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Potted Roses for Delivery

ProFlowers offers a selection of beautiful potted roses for delivery. Whether you’re looking to add to your garden or bring a pop of color into your home, our potted roses are guaranteed to do the job.

Which roses grow best in pots?

Most varieties of roses can be grown in pots. As long as you have an appropriately-sized pot, you should be able to grow just about any rose. However, if you want to keep the project low-maintenance, then the best roses for pots are generally miniature and shrub roses. These are often easier to maintain and transport than roses that grow to be very tall.

Here at ProFlowers, we offer high-quality roses for delivery, so you can be certain you’ll get the right roses for your pot. From elegant white roses to stunning purple flowers, we have it all.

Can roses survive winter in pots?

It depends on the climate you live in. If you live in an area that experiences harsh, brutal winters, then it's likely that your potted rose bush won't be able to make it through the winter months.

On the other hand, if you live in an area that experiences milder winters, your potted roses should be able to survive, provided you prepare them for colder conditions. To prep your potted roses, you could bury the pot in the ground, add a layer of fertilizer to the pot or even move it to an indoor area to protect it from frost.

How do you care for potted roses?

Potted roses generally require a similar level of care as most other potted plants. After getting your rose bush delivered, here are a few care tips to follow:

  1. Use high-quality soil and compost when planting
  2. Water your potted rose bush on a regular basis
  3. Add fertilizer once the roses begin to bloom
  4. Prune your roses regularly
  5. Transfer your roses to a new pot after two years or so

How do you care for potted roses indoors?

If you're keeping your potted roses indoors, you can still follow the tips above, keeping in mind some extra considerations. For instance, it's best to keep your potted roses near a window where they can get a healthy amount of natural light. Also, the room the potted rose bush is in should stay between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.