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What is the best gift for a boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

Want to know a little secret? Flowers make great Valentine's gifts for him too! What's not to love? They're pretty, they smell great, and they show that you genuinely care about your special someone. This Valentine's Day, break away from the pack and show your boyfriend a little extra love with a bouquet of beautiful flowers!

That's not all we have to offer, though. You can pair your bouquet with a fresh fruit basket or gourmet food delivery to create a gift that your boyfriend is sure to remember.

What should I do for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to do something special for your boyfriend. Some of the best ideas include taking him out on a special surprise date, engaging in some of his favorite activities together, or showering him with gifts that he'll love.

Some great ideas include:

  • Ice skating
  • Having a fancy dinner
  • Cooking him a special dinner
  • Seeing a romantic movie or play
  • Spending quality time together at home It's up to you! Just be sure to pair your special Valentine's Day excursion with a bouquet of beautiful flowers or other Valentine's Day gifts for your boyfriend.

Will my gifts get delivered on time?

Yes - at ProFlowers, we specialize in logistics to ensure that your gifts arrive right when they're scheduled. To ensure you're able to schedule the right time, be sure to plan ahead and order your gift a couple of days ahead of time. Or select one of our same-day flower deliveries for a special surprise.

Will my gifts get delivered safely?

Absolutely. ProFlowers specializes in timely and safe delivery on all Valentine's gifts for him, making sure that whether you're sending anniversary flowers or beautiful green plants, your gift arrives looking as impressive as it was when it left our florists.

If there happens to be an issue with an order, don't hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives at 1.800.580.2913 or by emailing us at