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Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day flowers are synonymous with Feb. 14, 2024. From red roses to teddy bears and boxes of chocolates to dipped berries, our gift options and bouquets of Valentine flowers are sure to bring a smile to the special person in your life. We offer an impressive selection of Valentine's Day flowers and Valentine’s gift baskets so that, no matter what they like, you are sure to have a gift they will love here at Proflowers.

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$49.99 - $81.99
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$49.99 - $81.99
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$54.99 - $109.99
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$57.99 - $93.99
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$49.99 - $104.99
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$64.99 - $129.99
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$62.99 - $92.99
product image for Sugarplum Bouquet
$51.99 - $95.99
product image for Love Loud Bouquet
$44.99 - $69.99
product image for Peace & Love Basket
$84.99 - $114.99
product image for Violet Caress Bouquet
$74.99 - $119.99

Sending Flowers for Valentine's Day

Surprise and delight the ones you love by sending a breathtaking array of flowers for Valentine's Day. Send a special bouquet of Valentine's Day flowers when you choose from:

… and so much more! Nothing says “I love you” better than the sweet scent of freshly-cut stems that reflect her beauty and grace. Go above and beyond showing how much you care with a vibrant bouquet guaranteed to sweep her off her feet and make her smile as each bud opens. From timelessly romantic arrangements to fun floral assortments, sending Valentine’s Day flowers has never been easier.

Valentine's Day Flower Delivery: Continue the Tradition

The tradition of sending Valentine’s Day flowers and Valentine’s chocolate began in the 17th century. Roses were the bloom of choice because the rose was supposed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Red roses, the flower of passion, were Venus’ specific flower of choice.

Chocolate, perhaps for its aphrodisiac effects, became the candy of choice for the lovers’ holiday after Spanish explorers brought it to the Old World from the New World. Why not maintain this tradition by sending your love a beautiful bouquet and gourmet chocolates?

When to Buy Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the single busiest day of the year for florists. If possible, order Valentine’s Day flowers at least several days ahead of time. If you’re going to order your Valentine’s Day flowers online, you can purchase them at any time and even have them scheduled for delivery the day of. However, if you’re purchasing your flowers in-store, you’ll want to wait until you’re ready to present them to your special someone so they look their best and last as long as possible. Buying them too early can have your bouquet looking wilted and unimpressive when it comes time to gift them. If you’re short on time, we highly recommend having your roses delivered straight to their door by scheduling your surprise ahead of time.

A Valentine’s Day Weekend

In 2024, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday. Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day early and make it a weekend of expressing love? For your beloved, it’s also a special surprise. They may not expect Valentine’s Day to come early — but when it does, they’ll appreciate the gesture!

Celebrating a Valentine's Day weekend may also mean you have more time to spend together. More time for romance and doing the things you love together. You can even celebrate Valentine’s Day twice. Send a big bouquet on the weekend and roses on Valentine’s Day itself, or vice versa. Perhaps send a gift of Valentine’s Day candy. Show her how much you care and appreciate her love.   

You can get same-day delivery for Valentine’s Day flower arrangements no matter which day or days you choose to celebrate. At Proflowers, we have the widest selection of Valentine’s Day flowers available. Shop All Flowers, and find the perfect selection for your love!

Valentine’s Day Flowers Delivery FAQ

Can you get Valentine's bouquets delivered on Valentine's Day?

Yes, you can send flowers on Valentine’s Day. Whether the holiday slipped your mind, or you met a new sweetheart, Proflowers has you covered with same-day Valentine’s flower delivery. If you wait to order your flowers and chocolates until Valentine’s Day, make sure you place your delivery by 2 p.m. For next year, keep in mind that our same-day deliveries must be placed by 1 p.m. on weekends.

What are the best flowers to give as a Valentine's Delivery?

As we mentioned, red roses are the most traditional flower to send for Valentine’s Day, but if you like to think outside the box (or, if your partner simply doesn’t like roses), we have you covered with a diverse selection of flowers for Valentine’s Day. The best Valentine’s Day flowers to give include unique colorful roses (including rainbow roses), mini pink orchids, tulips, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, and more. Whatever their favorite flower or color is, you’ll surely find a vibrant bouquet that’s perfect for your love.

How much does Valentine's flower delivery cost?

Here at Proflowers, we have a variety of Valentine’s flowers and gifts for every budget. You’ll find beautiful bouquets starting as low as $30 and many varieties that will run you $60 or less. Or, if you want to make a romantic gesture she’ll never forget, you can also find luxurious arrangements of red roses that are well worth the splurge. Don’t settle for anything less than the very best for your love; order your Valentine’s Day flower delivery with Proflowers for the freshest blooms that are sure to make a lasting impression.

What Kind of Flowers Should You Send on Valentine's Day?

Beautiful, vibrant flowers are a visual representation of your boundless love. But which blooms do you send this Valentine's Day? Of course, roses are the classic bud of romance, but they aren't the only flowers you can send on Valentine's Day. For a romantic gesture, stick to pink or red flowers, or a combination of the two. You can also mix roses with other blooms for a modern twist on classic Valentine's Day flowers. Lilies, daisies, and carnations all compliment roses and come in amorous hues. Alternatively, you could send your love a fresh bouquet of their favorite flowers, whether that be sunflowers or peonies. Not sure which flowers are their absolute favorite? You can’t go wrong with a beautiful mixed Valentine’s bouquet featuring an assortment of lovely blooms.

Everyone enjoys receiving beautiful flowers and plants. No matter the occasion, they brighten the day and make the recipient feel special. Valentine’s Day flowers aren’t limited to romantic relationships. Maybe your mom, kids or your best friend would love some blooms and greenery in the midst of winter. Of course, the flowers sent to friends, relatives and colleagues differ from those chosen for your romantic partner.

For non-romantic recipients, send flowers that symbolize joy and friendship like yellow roses or chrysanthemums. Succulents and potted Valentine’s Day plants also make for a thoughtful (and low-maintenance) option for those who don't exactly have a green thumb. Plus, they're perfect for adding some life to an otherwise plain office atmosphere.