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Heart Shaped Flowers & Gifts

What better way to show your love for someone special than with an arrangement of beautiful heart-shaped flowers or a heart-shaped gift? Your significant other will be delighted by the unique bleeding heart plant with heart-shaped flowers hanging from its branches. Looking for something more traditional? A heart-shaped roses bouquet makes for some memorable anniversary flowers.

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What Are Heart-Shaped Flowers Called?

Lamprocapnos spectabilis, sometimes called dicentra spectabilis or the bleeding heart flower, is a unique plant with heart-shaped flowers hanging from a long stem. The flowers consist of two symmetrical petals (usually pink or fuschia) that join to form a point at the end furthest from the stem. Small white petals typically emerge from this lower point in a droplet formation. This shape and color combination give the appearance of many small heart-shaped petals hanging in a row. A small bleeding heart plant adds a delicate and romantic touch to any bouquet. Their unique, rose-colored heart design and densely clustered arching stems also make them a great way to accent an arrangement of flowers for a girlfriend or significant other.

What Flowers Look Like Hearts?

The bleeding heart is the only plant that actually blooms heart-shaped flowers, but there are a variety of other plants with heart-shaped leaves or petals. The most common of these is the anthurium plant. Anthurium are tropical heart-shaped plants with red leaves sometimes used in weddings or for summer flower arrangements. Like the poinsettia, the anthurium’s red heart-shaped “petals” are actually thick, waxy leaves, making for a brighter, more vibrant heart design than the delicate flowers of the bleeding heart plant.

What’s the Most Popular Heart-Shaped Flower?

The bleeding heart is the most popular heart-shaped flower, with its symmetrical pink petals hanging like a row of heart pendants from the branch. However, there are other popular flower options if you’re looking for something to convey romantic love or appreciation. Roses are the most traditional love flowers, in part for their radiant red and pink pigments and luscious fragrance, but some roses also have a more natural heart shape while blooming. For a fun surprise for that someone special in your life, have an assortment of their favorite flowers arranged in a heart shape delivered straight to their home or office. A heart-shaped roses bouquet always makes for stunning Valentine’s day flowers.

Are Heart Flowers Romantic?

Nothing says romance quite like flowers, but if you’re looking to up the ante, then why not consider sending heart-shaped flowers directly to your special someone’s door to make your romantic moment even more memorable! Regardless of whether you’re new to your relationship or you’ve been married for years, surprising your love with a heart flower bouquet for a special occasion or a spontaneous “just because” moment will be sure to impress.

While red roses are synonymous with romance, nothing can compare to heart flowers or a heart-shaped flower arrangement to show your significant other just how much you love them. Our heart-shaped bouquets are available with a wide variety of flowers–so you can really let them know you care by choosing their favorite one.

Are Heart-shaped Flower Arrangements a Good Choice for Valentine’s Day?

Yes, of course! Heart-shaped flower arrangements or flowers that look like hearts are a great choice for Valentine’s Day to show your loved one how much you care.

Surprise your partner with one of our gorgeous heart-shaped flower bouquets to celebrate this romantic day. To make your day extra special, consider a heart-shaped gift box, or pair your flower arrangement with one of our Valentine’s gift baskets. We have a range of gift baskets full of gourmet treats to choose from that can suit any taste, from sweet tooths to savory lovers. Or choose one of our Valentine’s plants that can be a symbol of commitment to your budding romance.

Are Heart-Shaped Flower Bouquets Only For Couples?

While heart flowers are a great choice for romance and couples, they are also incredibly versatile and can be the perfect way to show your love to anyone in your life. They’re a great present on occasions such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, or family anniversaries. Go for a bleeding heart plant with heart-shaped flowers instead of a bouquet to celebrate a close family member’s anniversary or to mark an engagement or wedding. The couples will treasure the bleeding heart plant for years.

When Is The Best Time To Send Heart-Shaped Flowers?

While spring is typically the best time to send bleeding hearts since they’re in full bloom, sending a heart-shaped arrangement means you can choose from a variety of flowers to create a love heart that is meaningful to you and your special person.

Order Heart-Shaped Flower Bouquets Online

Heart-shaped flowers are a fun and creative way to express your love and appreciation for someone special. With quick and easy online ordering and delivery, your significant other will enjoy heart-shaped roses or a mixed bouquet of bleeding hearts sent straight to their door. Be sure to check out our selection of fresh holiday flowers if you need some ideas to brighten up your home or office during the holiday season!

Shop all flowers on our site to find something perfect for your special someone. With our vast Valentine’s Day assortment of flowers and gifts, you’re sure to find something they’ll love!