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Sympathy Plants

Show Condolence with Funeral Plants - Sending a sympathy plant to someone is a great way to share in their grief and show support. The dark green colors of most sympathy plants convey profound respect, while white flowering blooms symbolize purity, innocence, and re-birth. 

Sympathy Plants

Finding the words to express your condolences to a loved one is never easy, but your care and support is just what they need to get through a difficult time. Sympathy plants bring light and life into any room, making them the perfect gift to lift your loved one’s spirits. From gorgeous ivory peace lilies to thriving succulent gardens, our selection is sure to include a gift that they’ll cherish.

What are the best plants to send for sympathy?

  The best plants to give for sympathy gifts ultimately depends on the individual receiving them—if they love colorful flowering plants, cheer them up with a sympathy plant delivery filled with their favorite blooms. Or, you can shop from our selection of traditional sympathy flowers to find arrangements that honor their loss in a more conventional way. Some of our most popular plants to give for sympathy include:  ·         Sympathy Peace Lily with Angel ·         The FTD® Living Spirit Dishgarden ·         Peaceful White Garden with Angel ·         Potted White Azalea

What other gifts pair well with a sympathy plant?

When a loved one is lost, you need love and care from family and friends more than ever. To show your unconditional support for the grieving individual, pair your sympathy plant delivery with any of our other flowers and gifts. Fruit and snack gift baskets are a great choice to make sure the family is eating nutritiously as they go through bereavement together, but a few chocolate treats wouldn’t hurt either. No matter which gift you choose to complement your sympathy plant, just be sure to include a heartfelt note with your order to offer your loved ones love and light as they go through this difficult time. Each of our gift orders include a personal message so you can send your support right to your loved one’s doorstep.

What sympathy plants last the longest?

Whether you choose a vibrant bouquet of flowers or opt for one of our lush sympathy plants, all of our flower and plant gifts come with a 7-day guarantee. But with the proper care, you can make your blooms last well beyond the week. If you’re shopping for sympathy plants for the home that will last even longer, a house plant, succulent garden, or wreath would all be excellent choices!