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Send Office Plants

For the best selection of office gift options, turn to ProFlowers. We make shopping for plants for a home or office quick and easy with our extensive assortment of orchids, succulent plants, green plants and more. Looking to send congratulations on a friend or coworker’s big promotion? We have bonsai trees for delivery that looks beautiful and is easy to care for is just the thing. Considered a staple in Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is believed to bring good fortune wherever it’s placed. ProFlowers offers a wide selection of high quality office gifts that cost under $30. Send a braided money tree to dad to wish him financial luck at his job. Or give a friend a lush peace lilly as a way to say thank you for being you! These nice Low light plants are not only easy to care for, but the perfect way to add color to any office space.   When the time comes that you need to send corporate gifts for special office occasions, ProFlowers has you covered with top notch office gifts. Surprise dad with a gift of Father's Day plants delivered to his office, giving him a constant reminder every day that you’re thinking of him. Dad will love an easy to care for succulent garden or a jade bonsai to keep his office peaceful and happy. When you need a gift to celebrate an office birthday, send a luscious potted rose plant or fragrant potted gardenia. Our flowering plants are perfect for office occasions like birthday celebrations and promotions when you need a beautiful gift for an office mate.   Some of our customer favorites to send as office plants are our exotic plants. The premium purple orchid and tropical bromeliad garden are the perfect plants to turn any desk into a tropical paradise that will make the work days brighter! Buy exotic plants from ProFlowers to spruce up your own desktop or to brighten someone else’s, creating a mini escape to a tropical paradise.   ProFlowers also offers business gifting services to companies that need them. These services include bulk orders, employee discounts, and incentive programs for your employees. Contact our customer service department for more information on this service and other ones offered to all ProFlowers customers. Make someone you love’s day a lot brighter, while getting great deals on some of the most amazing plants. Our beautiful lush plants are the freshest around. Find the perfect office plant for your office and everyone on your gift list.