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Calla Lilies

Why do Calla lilies intrigue so? Is it their sleek bloom made up of one, seamless rolled petal? Is it the graceful upward-reaching leaves? Send Calla lilies that always demand attention, no matter the reason. Order today!

Calla Lilies

With their delicate bell shape and vibrant color varietals, Calla lily bouquets make for an especially beautiful and meaningful gift for anyone on your gift list. Our Calla lily flower arrangements are meticulously designed and feature Calla lilies complemented by multicolored Stargazer lilies, stunning Tiger lilies, and lush greenery to make the perfect gift for a loved one, or even yourself!

What do Calla lilies symbolize?

Calla lilies have many meanings depending on the color and individual sending them—but the most common meaning for Calla lilies is purity and holiness, which makes a white Calla lily bouquet a great choice for new baby flowers, religious celebrations, and sympathy gifts.  Each Calla lily color holds their own meaning, which means they’re an excellent option for just about any occasion, or even just-because! To help you choose the best Calla lily bouquet for your order, here are some of the different meanings Calla lily flowers hold: ·         Pink Calla lilies symbolize appreciation and admiration ·         Purple Calla lilies represent charm and passion ·         Yellow Calla lilies express gratitude

What other flowers pair well with Calla lilies?

Calla lilies are a great foundational flower, which is why they’re included in many of our flower bouquets. If you’re going for a more subdued look, a Calla lily bouquet with blush tulips would make for a fantastic centerpiece. Or, for a bolder statement, our Deluxe Smiles & Sunshine Calla lily arrangement with multi-colored roses would be a bright and stylish choice. From Calla lily delivery to sweets and gifts, ProFlowers has all of your gifting needs covered. 

What occasions are the best to gift Calla lilies?

Calla lilies are great for any special occasion, or even just to brighten up a room when there’s no occasion at all! From birthdays and anniversaries to thanks and sympathies, our selection of Calla lily arrangements is sure to get your message across just beautifully. Plus, buy Calla lilies from ProFlowers and you can count on fresh flowers for seven days—so you and your loved ones can enjoy a gift that keeps on giving.