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Funeral Flowers

When someone passes, sending an arrangement of flowers is a timeless and thoughtful gesture. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the life of the person who has passed, or a way to console and offer comfort to their family, an elegant bouquet of flowers is often the right choice. Receiving a bouquet of vivacious white funeral flowers will show that you are thinking of them, and remind them of the beauty life has to offer.  

What flowers are appropriate for funerals?

Flowers like white roses, chrysanthemums, lilies and daisies are appropriate, respectful, and beautiful options. Whether you choose a large standing spray to sit beside the deceased during a viewing, or you choose to send a funeral flower delivery from across the country to remind someone you’re there for them, these flowers are the perfect way to pay your respects and offer your sympathy. Funeral rose bouquets often symbolize love and passion, which many will surely feel as they remember fondly the life of the deceased. Daisies are a perennial symbol for happiness, fun, whimsy, and the simple joys of life. As guests reflect on the life of the deceased, daisies will remind them of all the small joys that made the time they shared so beautiful. White lillies add a note of grace, their divine shape hinting at hope for the journey the deceased’s soul has embarked on.  

What color flowers do you give for a funeral?

For a vibrant celebration of life, red roses or pink lilies make an excellent choice. The deep crimson will remind funeral guests of life’s enduring passions, and pink funeral arrangements of delicate lilies bring thoughts of peaceful slumber. Be sure that you know what the theme and mood of the funeral will be so that you can select the most thoughtful and meaningful bouquet to send. The family of the one who has passed on will certainly appreciate your dedication.

With countless sympathy baskets and standing sprays to choose from, Proflowers makes funeral flower arrangement selection easy for any funeral, memorial, or celebration of life.  

How much are flower arrangements for funerals?

Proflowers offers flowers for every budget, from affordable bouquets starting at $50 to luxurious arrangements at $300. Whether you were close to the deceased or are paying your respects for a passed acquaintance, we have options to show your support at every price point. Choose our simple and sweet Eternal Affection Arrangement for a loving acknowledgement, or splurge on the Blessings of the Earth Eisel to truly show your deep admiration and love.  Choose the perfect funeral floral arrangement today with ProFlowers.