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2 Dozen Roses

Roses traditionally represent love, beauty and passion. Express these feelings to someone special in your life by sending them 2 dozen roses. ProFlowers offers a wide selection of fresh roses to choose from.

How much are two dozen roses?

The price of two dozen roses depends on a few different factors, such as the type of rose you pick, the number of roses you want, any add-ons, etc. At ProFlowers, we're proud to offer some of the most affordable prices when compared to other online flower delivery services. Our arrangements of two dozen roses start as low as $60!

How do you arrange two dozen roses?

There are a few important steps when it comes to arranging any number of roses. The stems of the roses must be cut and the flowers pruned. Then, the roses must be either wrapped up as a bouquet or placed in a vase with ample space for each individual rose.

When you shop with ProFlowers, we'll make sure your two dozen roses are professionally arranged. We work with trusted local florists in your community who will carefully prepare your order and arrange your two dozen roses by hand so that they look as crisp and beautiful as ever.

How to have two dozen roses delivered?

Whether you're ordering one dozen roses or two, we make scheduling a delivery easy. Simply pick out the roses you like - do you want pink roses, white roses or something else? Once you've decided on the roses you want, tell us where and when to deliver them and we'll get started on your order! Your two dozen roses will show up at your doorstep on the date you selected at checkout.

How long do two dozen roses last?

Long stemmed roses generally last about a week. However, if you want to make them last longer, there are a few simple steps you can take:

  • Place your two dozen roses in an appropriately-sized vase. Change out the water in the vase every few days.
  • Use a pair of floral shears to prune your roses as needed.
  • Before adding your two dozen roses to a vase, mix some flower food into the water. This can help fortify your flowers and provide them with necessary nutrients.