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Orchid Flowers & Plants

Orchids are a beautiful flower that can brighten up any room. You can put orchid arrangements in your living room, kitchen, dining room - anywhere that you want to elevate the space. Orchids are also a great flower to send to a loved one. Whether it’s for a birthday, a graduation, or another special occasion, you can never go wrong with sending someone orchids. With Proflowers, orchid delivery has never been easier. You can choose from a range of different colors of orchids that will instantly spruce up any room it’s put into. There’s no better way to let a loved one know you’re thinking of them than with a fresh flower delivery.

Orchid Plants FAQs

Will my orchid delivery arrive on time?

With Proflowers, you can select the day that you want to send orchids and we'll make sure they get there on time. We'll make sure to handle the orchid flower delivery with utmost care so it arrives safely and in excellent condition.

Do orchid arrangements come in different colors?

Yes, our orchid arrangements come in a range of different colors. You can choose among pink orchids, white orchids, purple orchids, and more. If you want to send more than just orchids, you can also include a flower bouquet of calla lilies, roses, tulips, and more in your delivery.

How long do orchids live for?

Orchid plants can easily last for several years. In fact, some orchids live as long as 10 to 15 years with proper care. Expect orchids to flower each year. Once those blossoms reappear, they remain for weeks or months, adding beauty and elegance to the surroundings. There are hybrid orchids that bloom semi-annually, and even a few species that bloom continuously.

Give your orchid the best odds for a long life by keeping it in indirect sunlight. Orchids are heat-intolerant, so while they like sun, they don’t want a lot of heat. Keep your orchids in a room where the temperature does not rise above 70 degrees or drop below 50 degrees. One caveat: Orchids need a nighttime temperature drop to keep flowering. This means some management, as the difference between the daytime and nighttime temperatures should range between 10 and 15 degrees.

Water your orchid every week. These plants need humidity, but most homes are humid enough for orchid requirements. The exception is winter in cold climates. You may need to run a humidifier to keep your orchid content and thriving. Daily mistings may prove adequate.

What are good occasions to send an orchid delivery?

There are many good occasions to send a live orchid plant delivery. Orchids make for great birthday flowers to let someone know you're thinking of them on their special day. They're also ideal cheer someone up flowers, as orchids' natural beauty can brighten anyone's day. You can send an orchid flower delivery for Mother's Day, as a housewarming or birthday gift, or just to let someone know you love them.

Can I do same day orchid delivery?

Forgot to send someone a birthday present until the morning of? Don't worry, Proflowers has you covered for all your last minute gifts. We offer same day orchid delivery and other same day flowers delivered from Proflowers, as long as you place the order by 2 pm on weekdays and 1 pm on weekends in your respective time zone.

Find an orchid plant for delivery at Proflowers

For choices beyond an orchid plant delivery, visit our All Flowers Collection. Proflowers has the right bouquet, floral arrangement, or plant for any occasion. The beauty of having flowers delivered is that they suit all the major milestones in life, whether it’s birthday flowers to celebrate someone’s special day or sympathy flowers to acknowledge loss and offer condolences. Birth, graduation, marriage, holidays, and life's end – flowers play a significant role in all of our rituals. While the best flower for a particular occasion varies, you can’t go wrong if you send roses or orchids. Order online now for fast, fresh delivery!