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Lily Delivery

Known for their vibrance, fragrance, and versatility, lilies are a popular choice for flower arrangements, no matter the occasion. We carry a variety of lilies including stargazer and Peruvian lily bouquets, so you can find an arrangement that best suits the recipient's style and your special message. Ordering a lily bouquet for delivery with ProFlowers is easy and sure to brighten anyone's day. Shop our beautiful selection now!

What does a lily bouquet symbolize?

The lily flower symbolizes humility, devotion, femininity, love, purity, and much more. The diverse symbolism for this beautiful bloom is likely due to the many varieties in which it grows. Certain varieties are often used to communicate specific sentiments, including:
  • Peruvian white lilies: friendship
  • White stargazer lilies: sympathy
  • Pink stargazer lilies: wealth and prosperity
  • Peace lilies: Hope or innocence 
Lilies are also considered the flower to give for a 30th wedding anniversary, which isn’t surprising since they pair beautifully with a nice set of pearls, the “gemstone” for this special celebration. As you can see, lilies are flowers that can really represent anything you want them to. Lily arrangements are popular choices for romantic gestures, holidays like Easter, and everything in between.

Why is a lily bouquet delivery special?

In addition to their beautiful varieties (there are almost 100 species of lilies), lilies are special for several reasons:
  • They’re long-lasting
  • They have a distinct fragrance
  • They’re available in nearly every color
  • They’re easily paired with many other flowers
  • They’re appropriate for most occasions
  • They’re partially edible — you can eat the lily bulb
Impressed by this beautiful flower? So have many civilizations throughout history! Ordering your special someone an arrangement of these unique blooms is sure to impress.

When is the best time for lilies delivery?

Typically, lilies bloom in summer and fall. However, we work with high-quality growers to bring you lily flower arrangements all year round.   Whether you decide to order a celebratory bouquet featuring our orange lilies or want to stick with the more traditional white lily flowers, you can rest assured that your arrangement will always arrive at your loved one’s doorstep fresh and vibrant so they’ll be proud to display them. ProFlowers makes it easy to show someone you’re thinking of them with a beautiful, artfully arranged lily bouquet that can be ordered in just a few minutes.