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Send daffodils and you shine the light-hearted energy of one of nature’s cheeriest flowers on friends and loved ones. ProFlowers gets daffodils anywhere nationwide on the same day, in two days or on a scheduled date. Order today!

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Send Beautiful Daffodils with ProFlowers

With their heavy heads and thin stalks, daffodils bob and weave like no other flower. The cheery daffodil flower makes for the perfect spring bouquet for mom, grandma or aunts and last even longer when you choose one of our beautiful daffodil garden arrangements. Along with sunny daffodils, ProFlowers sells bulbs and bulb garden kits for tulips and many other colorful blooms to help you start your own little flower gardening. Of course, ProFlowers also carries lots of other wonderful options like roses, pink calla lilies, daisies and more! Also known as the Narcissus flower, daffodils can bloom for two weeks.   What better way to show a friend or loved one how much you care than with a beautiful flower and chocolate pairing? ProFlowers offers a variety of chocolate and flower gifts, suitable for every personality and occasion. For those who prefer their "flowers" be the variety you can eat, choose one of our colorful and unique cookie arrangements. Created from delicious shortbread our “floral cookies” are hand-decorated in a variety of delightful themes. Treat someone you love to one of these tasty assortments.   Our variety of gorgeous daffodils flowers is priced to suit anyone’s budget. If your loved one or friend lives far away, a daffodil garden that arrives just sprouting will remind him or her of you for weeks. The bright yellow blooms deliver cheer to those recovering from illness or injury.   Send the daffodils that make that birthday, anniversary or holiday that much more joyful. In the spring they flower in a swath of yellow along sidewalks or entryways. More, daffodils can be made to be perennial with the right care and planting deep in the soil. In ideal growing conditions, the daffodil bulb can last for decades, re-blooming year after year. Our wide selection of bulb gardens, cut flowers and flowering plants ensures you’ll find the right gift for everyone.   When a loved one’s favorite color is yellow, you’ll hit a homerun with a bouquet of buttery yellow daffodils. Find the perfect daffodils for yourself or to send to a loved one today. Each of our plants comes with an extensive care guide to help you keep them healthy.