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Christmas Centerpieces

With the holidays just around the corner, it's time to start dusting off your favorite decorations and ordering your floral centerpieces. Whether you plan on hosting a large holiday party or like to spend Christmas in the close company of your immediate family, a Christmas centerpiece will add a festive touch to your home this holiday season. All of the flower centerpieces in our collection include fresh greenery that will make your home feel cheerful and cozy.

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Pick up a seasonal gift basket from our collection stuffed with all of your favorite holiday candies. Or, for something more savory, browse our assorted meat and cheese gift baskets; together, with a beautiful Christmas centerpiece, they can make any holiday party a hit! Don't miss the sleigh; shop all Christmas for delivery today!

Christmas Centerpieces FAQs

Why purchase a Christmas floral centerpiece?

Flowers are beautiful. A floral centerpiece at your holiday gathering elevates the atmosphere of your home, brings joy to partygoers and visitors, and adds vibrancy to the evening. Floral Christmas centerpieces and holiday plants are also a yuletide tradition, symbolic of merriment, beauty, faith, and love.

What are the best flowers for Christmas?

Christmas centerpieces delivery is easy at Proflowers. The best flowers for Christmas are some of the most popular, including amaryllis, poinsettias, azaleas, and red roses. When choosing a floral centerpiece for your home or as a gift for a friend, always opt for hues you know you or the recipient will enjoy. However, if you're new to decorating your home with holiday flowers, here are some great options:


Azaleas are part of the Rhododendron family and are popular for the holidays. With red and white variants, they're a great choice to add a flourish of Christmas colors to your home. These blooms last around four weeks, which means they can be a focal point from your first celebration to your last, especially as a table centerpiece.

Red Roses

Roses aren't only for romantic occasions or apologizing to your significant other — they're also perfect for Christmas bouquets. If you're throwing a dinner party this holiday season, a floral centerpiece with red roses and candles can add an element of sophistication to your gathering.

Cymbidium Orchids

These bold, beautiful blooms are native to Himalayan forests. Including them in a centerpiece is always a distinct and elegant addition to the home. They are also only in season in the winter, which makes Christmas the perfect time to display, gift, and enjoy them.

How do you make a table centerpiece for Christmas?

Christmas table centerpieces are often made by combining different floral elements commonly associated with the season. Festive centerpieces combine green plants, flowers, and other unique textures to create an arrangement that evokes the spirit of the holidays. Shop our selection to find the one that's right for you. Each one is expertly designed using fresh ingredients and can be shipped straight to your door!

How to decorate a Christmas centerpiece?

You can put together a stunning Christmas table centerpiece in all kinds of ways. Here at Proflowers, we decorate many of the Christmas centerpieces in our collection with fresh flowers and pine cones, in addition to other festive touches like candles and lovely pots and baskets. If you want to go beyond a basic Christmas table centerpiece, then get creative! Order a red flower arrangement or white bouquet from our selection that can serve as a tasteful addition to your tablescape.

What to include in your Christmas centerpiece?

One thing that a good Christmas table centerpiece should always include is greenery. Something like fresh pine sprigs or a Christmas wreath will not only make your home look beautiful but make it smell good, too. Add in some pine cones to give the centerpiece a rustic look, along with some flowers for color, and voila! You'll end up with a perfect floral centerpiece. To really make the holidays feel special this year, consider what you'll put on the table around your Christmas centerpiece.