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Christmas Candy

Sweeten the holidays with Christmas candy delivery from Proflowers. You will find the most delicious selection of Christmas candies, fudge, and other holiday sweets sure to surprise and delight everyone on your shopping list.

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Proflowers has the best Christmas gifts. You could send a gift basket filled with goodies, a Hot Toddy Cocktail Set, and more. Sweet treats and candies are fantastic stocking stuffers! Fill your sweetheart's stocking with a selection of Christmas gift boxes full of juicy, hand-dipped, chocolate-covered strawberries and cherries or tart apples covered in thick caramel. Sending a gourmet candy gift of a dozen fancy dipped berries is an elegant way to thank a business client or office staff. Remember, shop all Christmas gifts at Proflowers!

Christmas Candy FAQs

Who could imagine Christmas without candy? At Proflowers, we know the holidays wouldn't be as sweet without a generous sprinkling of your favorite Christmas food gifts. To make the best candy, you have to start with the very best ingredients. Our scrumptious Christmas gifts begin with the highest quality ingredients available. From fresh fruit and berries to crunchy nuts and rich, creamy chocolates, we know what it takes to make the most crave-worthy Christmas treats.

Why Do We Gift and Enjoy Candy During Christmas?

Candy canes, cookies, and fruit cakes, oh my! Think about all the candies that are popular: candy canes, chocolate, gingerbreads, and fruitcakes. It is the perfect gift for many reasons:

  • Chocolate is a symbol of love

  • Everyone loves it

  • Candy is easy to share and enjoy

The link between sweet treats and the holiday season also has a long history. So, let's hop aboard Santa's sleigh and take a trip back in time.

The Candy Cane

The most common story behind the origin of the candy cane involves a German choirmaster who, in 1670, created sweet white candy sticks to keep his young choir occupied during long church services. Eventually, the sticks evolved to become curved like shepherds' sticks. Then, in 1900, they assumed the red stripes and peppermint flavoring we enjoy today.

Christmas Cookies

Like many of the most popular treats of the season, the cookies we love today are rooted in Medieval Europe. For example, German lebkuchen is typically recognized as the first cookie associated with Christmas. However, now we enjoy confections from across the globe, such as the jam and coconut Hertzog cookies of South Africa, South America's dulce de leche-filled alfajores, and more.

Fruit Cakes

Perhaps the oldest Christmas confection is the much-maligned fruit cake. This calorie-dense concoction fueled the Roman army and other centuries-old armies of Europe. However, England adopted fruitcake as its own in the 1400s. When cheap sugar started arriving in the 1600s, fruitcakes became a popular gift during the holidays and began the tradition of giving candy gifts for Christmas.