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Christmas Wreaths

When it comes to thoughtful, creative gifts, our iconic Christmas wreaths are just what Santa ordered. College students, Grandma, or even your next-door neighbors will love ushering in the spirit of the season with one of these jolly wreaths. This year, get guests in the Christmas spirit before they even ring your doorbell. A Christmas wreath brings the colors and richness of nature to your door. Some of our best Christmas flowers are combined into these beautiful wreaths, all of which can be delivered in time for the holiday.

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Send Beautiful Christmas Wreaths to Friends and Family

Holiday wreaths can send seasonal wishes thousands of miles away. Great for those reluctant to splurge on themselves, a Christmas wreath or mini Christmas tree, or even garlands add that special homey touch to the holidays. Proflowers’ variety of styles and colors ensure you’ll find the right wreath for the occasion. Holiday shoppers looking to buy Christmas gifts online typically want cost savings, and you certainly get the best deals from Proflowers.

The History of Christmas Wreaths

Before you get back to shopping, first, allow us a quick history lesson. Often, the earliest whisper of the Christmas season is when wreaths start adorning doors all over the neighborhood. For many, a gorgeous wreath is just as essential to yuletide decor as the Christmas tree itself, and the two traditions come from the same place! The custom of bringing evergreens indoors during the winter began with eastern and northern Europeans in the 16th century. During this era, pruning the tree was an essential part of the preparation process. Decorators would cut limbs from the tree to allow it to fit the room more uniformly. Then, with sustainability in mind, the Europeans wove the excess limbs into wreaths. Besides the practical reasons for trimming the tree, it was also important to trim the tree to resemble a triangle, representing the trinity.

The wreath, meanwhile, shaped as a circle, symbolizes eternity. Who knew the humble wreath had such a deep history? Honor tradition this year with a Christmas wreath delivery from Proflowers.

Extend the Life of Your Decor with Preserved Christmas Wreaths

Live Christmas wreaths can’t outlast a preserved Christmas wreath that appears fresh for years to come. Needles fall off, and flowers and berries dry up. The preservation process is environmentally friendly and leaves no harmful residues. Similarly, an artificial Christmas wreath may be predominantly plastic, but preserved wreaths contain real leaves, flowers, and other elements that are amended through a chemical process. These maintain their natural look and feel in a way that plastic cannot.

Explore Christmas and Holiday Decor

Deck the halls, walls, co-working spaces, college dorms, and more with Proflowers’ cornucopia of holiday decor. Floral decorations, just like Christmas wreaths and trees, are also a centuries-old tradition, symbolizing faith, love, and beauty. Looking for the perfect complement to your wreath? Why not invest in a floral centerpiece for Christmas? A floral centerpiece dressed up with pinecones and candles at your Christmas dinner will add immediate vibrancy to your dining room.

Make the most of your centerpiece by adding little festive touches like pots, baskets, and pinecones. If you want something elegant and fragrant, crimson Christmas poinsettias or a white bouquet of roses are a brilliant complement. Or give other Christmas plants that will last well into the New Year.

While you’re ordering for yourself, why not send a centerpiece, wreath, or Christmas plant to a loved one? Imagine the delight on your girlfriend’s, colleague’s, or mother’s face when they receive a bouquet of bold red blooms, a stunning succulent, or a wreath fit for Saint Nick himself from the Proflowers Christmas Collection. Happy holidays, and happy shopping!