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Giving Sympathy Roses

Knowing what to do following the loss of a loved one is hard. One small gesture that makes a big impact is to send a beautiful flower arrangement to let the loved ones know you are thinking of them. Choosing what type of flowers to send is easy when you shop ProFlowers first. We offer a wonderful variety of elegant and tasteful sympathy arrangements, including roses. One might think it’s unusual to send sympathy roses in times of grief; however, history and statistics from large flower wholesalers show that yellow, white and red roses, which stand for friendship, peace/innocence, and love respectfully, are the most commonly bought color sympathy roses delivered to saddened loved ones in the U.S.   The most popular use for a single sympathy rose is actually during a funeral ceremony. Those in mourning buy a sympathy rose and place it in the casket. Of course, there doesn’t have to be a death in the family to buy or deliver a sympathy rose bouquet, a sympathy rose bush or even a detailed multi-colored rose arrangement. Many occasions cause grief and sadness: a severely ill friend, the loss of a pet, a tough divorce, or the more and more common reason -- job loss.   Sympathy rose colors are actually fun to research and learn about, so if you’re sending or delivering a vase with different sympathy rose colors, try to change it up a bit and personalize it for your recipient. For example, you could send sympathy rose colors in a bouquet including: peach (to show sincerity), white (to represent purity), yellow (to represent friendship and caring), and maybe throw some red roses in. The latter are often associated with love, but sending red sympathy rose colors along with the others represents courage and respect as well.