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Flowers & Gifts $50 & Under

Looking for something not too cheap, not too pricey? Our selection of flowers under $50 are your best bet. These dazzling arrangements can suit any budget, so send your special someone a thoughtful gesture, token of love, or deserving present with a $50 bouquet! At ProFlowers, you can find a $50 flower bouquet that offers the elegance of a top-shelf floral arrangement, minus the price tag. Never again experience a wilted and withered bouquet on your doorstep; shop with us and know you’re ordering guaranteed freshness every time.

Flowers Under $50

Is the person you’re shopping for classically inclined, in favor of tradition? Send her a timeless $50 bouquet of long-stemmed roses that’ll never go out of style. Does she prefer a bit of contemporary flair? Send her our Color me Cobalt $50 flower bouquet and watch her jaw drop in amazement! This spectacular arrangement features white Fuji mums contrasted against ruscus and leucadendron dipped in a brilliant blue dye.   Get the most out of your money by shopping with ProFlowers. You can find flowers under $50 that contain not only a gorgeous vase filled with fresh petals, but also include a teddy bear, chocolates, and even a spa set. You won’t be able to find five-in-one $50 bouquet gifts anywhere else, especially with the quality and freshness we provide. We guarantee your gift – whether it’s a $30, $40, or $50 bouquet – to remain fresh and full of vitality for seven days or more.   Want it to last even longer? Instead of a $50 flower bouquet, consider gifting them a potted plant! These small, beautiful gardens can either grow indoors and be transplanted outside. Our potted plants, tasty treats and flowers under $50 are the easiest way to show someone how much you care without breaking the bank. Shopping with ProFlowers allows you to be creative with your gift choice; select the perfect color vase and assortment suited to your love one for a sentimental present not soon to be forgotten!