Blossoming Abundance Gardenia Bonsai - 8 inches


Blossoming Abundance Gardenia Bonsai - 8 inches

This exceptional bonsai displays its lush foliage and a ceramic planter to create a gift that expresses joy and unending happiness.
Arrives ready to assemble with plant, tray and rocks. Container color may vary. Will arrive in bud form unless ordered in April or May.


  • Pot Dimensions: 3.2" H X 8.3" D
  • Overall Plant Height: 10-14" H
  • Humidity tray, ceramic container that may vary in color, and decorative stones are included
  • Arrives ready to assemble
  • Care Tips: hardy outdoor plants like junipers and azaleas need to go through the change of seasons. They can be brought in for a few days but after a few weeks they start failing due to lack of natural light and lack of humidity needed to grow. In the coldest areas Zone 6 or lower most outdoor bonsai will need winter protection in garages or basements. Unheated areas of the home. Being inside with a heater going will kill most of the outdoor trees quickly
  • This plant is best suited for growing outdoors depending on climate