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Celebrate Pride with Flowers and Gifts

Share your pride with the world and celebrate all LGBTQ+ identities with an array of stunning floral arrangements from ProFlowers. Whether you’re looking for colorful floral creations, perfect potted plants, gorgeous gift baskets or delicious sweets and treats, you can find your perfect Pride gifts online and get them delivered right to your home all month long. Let creativity take the reins when shopping for Pride gifts online by mixing and matching florals that speak to you—the only rules are that there are no rules!

Pride Flowers & Gorgeous Gifts

With luxury bouquets available in literally every shade of the rainbow, the Pride possibilities are endless. For a fresh, fun and modern take on the classic Pride rainbow flag, our amazing Rainbow Rose Bouquet can't be beat. These hand-dyed blooms are delivered in a clear ginger glass vase and are perfect for decorating your home, office or even to create elements on a Pride float or costume.

For a more subtle and artistic arrangement, consider the anemone flower bouquet. A vibrant symbol of love, the Multicolored Anemone Bouquet features an assortment of 25 jewel-toned blooms that are sure to brighten up any space this summer.

If you're looking for sweet treats to send to your loved ones, add to your Pride party spread or to indulge in yourself (hey, we won't tell) you've come to the perfect place. Our Belgian Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies are hand-dipped in milk, dark and white gourmet chocolate then decorated with rainbow colored sprinkles and flourishes. They arrive in a gift box and include a free personalized message, like most of the great gifts from

LGBTQ+ Identity-Inspired Florals

Here are just a few examples of flags under the larger LGBTQ+ umbrella that we've paired with matching colored flowers that you can use for further inspiration to create your custom Pride arrangement.

Bisexual Pride Flag-Inspired Bouquet

First flown in 1998, Michael Page designed this flag to increase visibility and represent the bisexual community. The flag is composed of a magenta stripe, a broad blue stripe and a narrow lavender stripe to represent same sex attraction, opposite sex attraction and attraction to both sexes. 

Common Flag Colors:  Magenta, Lavender, Blue

Flower Suggestions: Gerber Daisies, Lavender Sprigs and Blue Iris or Cornflowers

Polysexual Pride Flag-Inspired Bouquet

The most widely recognized polysexual flag consists of three stripes: pink to symbolize attraction to women, green to represent attraction to non-binary peoples and blue to represent attraction to men.

Common Flag Colors: Magenta, Green, Blue

Flower Suggestions: Dahlias, Hellebores or Ivy or and Blue Hydrangeas

Transgender Pride Flag-Inspired Bouquet

American trans woman Monica Helms is credited with creating the modern trans Pride flag in 1999. However, it didn't make its first major public appearance until a parade in Arizona, in 2000. The colors of light pink and light blue symbolize the typical colors used to portray baby girls and baby boys, while the white stripe in the center is symbolic of having a neutral, undefined gender or to honor those who are transitioning.

Common Flag Colors: Light Pink, Light Blue, White

Flower Suggestions: Pink Carnations, Periwinkle and Daisies or Sprays of Baby's Breath