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Potted Garden

For our loved ones who have a passion for gardening - but not necessarily the space for a garden - our indoor potted gardens, terrarium kits and bulb gardens are a thoughtful and convenient gift. 

Selecting and Sending Garden Plants and Flowers with ProFlowers

You don’t need a special occasion to send a gift of garden plants and flowers. Of course, a potted garden in a rustic basket or brightly colored ceramic container is also a welcome gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, housewarmings, or just because. Check out our large selection of garden plants guaranteed to brighten up just about anyone’s day. ProFlowers makes it easy to send a thoughtful gift of garden flowers to anyone who would enjoy a sweet taste of the outdoors in any room. Order today! One of the best things about ordering a potted garden from ProFlowers is that most of our live plants are easy to care for. A little sun, a little water and a little love will keep them growing for a long time. Even more temperamental plants like orchids come with directions that will make it easier for almost anyone to grow them.   Send garden plants from ProFlowers to friends, family and even yourself. With so many enticing plants, flowers and herbs to choose from, don’t you deserve a potted plant garden, too? One pretty bulb garden for mom, one spring planter for you; one Mardi Gras orchid for your best friend, one for ? well, you get the idea. You’re sure to be the life of the garden party when you send perennial plants to friends and family. Choose the perfect potted garden from ProFlowers. It doesn’t take a backyard to enjoy a garden. Close your eyes and imagine the soft colors and fresh fragrances of an outdoor garden without all the extra work. That’s the magic of indoor flowers and potted plant gardens! All the joy without all the yard work. Bring the freshness of a spring garden indoors with your choice of online garden plants from ProFlowers.