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Flower Plant Delivery

Not only are our potted flowers and flowering plants perfectly packaged, they’re ideal gifts for anyone from a colleague to a spouse. They also come with a 14-day freshness guarantee so you really can’t go wrong.

Potted Flowers Delivery

Looking for a gift that makes a loved one smile for days — even weeks after they receive their present? A plant delivery is just the thing you’ve been searching for. No matter what occasion you’re celebrating, our selection of flowering plants, bold blooms, and gorgeous greens are perfect for gift-giving. From our colorful flowering market garden to lilies and vibrant blooms, our selection comes with a 14-day freshness guarantee — so you really can’t go wrong with ProFlowers potted flower plant delivery!

Flower Plant Delivery

You have so many wonderful choices when you consider the ProFlowers' Flowering Plants Collection.
  • Orchids
  • Azaleas
  • Hydrangeas
  • Peace Lilies
These are just some of the blooming plants that we carry, and there's no doubt that your loved one will adore whichever one you choose. Bright and cheery, these flowering plants will endure with only minimal care, so brighten someone's day with a ProFlowers Blooming Plant. Plus, all of our potted plant delivery options include simple care instructions, so whether the recipient’s a gal with a green thumb — or just the opposite — they’ll be able to enjoy this special gift for many days ahead. From Mother’s Day gifts delivered on Sunday, to flowers “just because,” ProFlowers is your one-stop-shop for gift-giving!

Most Popular Flower Plant Delivery?

Overwhelmed by the variety of flowering plants in our selection?
Here are some of our most popular options for plant delivery:
  • Potted Pink Roses
  • New Beginnings Bulb Garden
  • Sunshine & Joy Garden
  • Azalea Bonsai

How Long Does a Potted Flower Delivery Last After Receiving?

Our flowering plants and potted plants for delivery have a 14-day freshness guarantee! Simply follow the easy care instructions, and you can enjoy fresh flowers for up to two weeks — or longer, if you’re a real gardening extraordinaire!

When Should I Order Potted Flowers or Plant Delivery?

Potted plants are perfect for any occasion! And truth be told, you don’t need a special occasion to make someone feel special. Not when we have such great prices on all the very best flowering plants. Our fantastic deals make it easy to treat your loved ones to gorgeous plants without busting the budget. And make sure not to forget their birthday this year! Our selection of happy birthday flowers for wives and birthday gifts for mom will leave her heart full when she receives her special gift of flowers or even a fruit basket delivered straight to her doorstep. We also offer age-specific 30th birthday gift ideas for your loved ones or friends as well. So whether they’re turning 18 again or you’re looking for 60th birthday gift ideas, ProFlowers has got you covered.   Whether you’re celebrating a momentous milestone, or mourning the loss of a loved one, a beautiful flowering plant will bring light, life, and joy to any home.