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Phalaenopsis Orchids at ProFlowers

Is someone a bright and refreshing light in your day? Return the favor and send an elegant phalaenopsis orchid. These orchids bloom early in the summer and last until autumn. It’s the perfect addition to a home or office, and this is one gift they won’t soon forget.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Known as the moth orchid because of the appearance of their flowers that resemble a moth’s wing movement, Phalaenopsis orchids are one of nature's most beautiful flowers. These house plants are best suited to grow indoors and make a beautiful addition in your living room, dining area or patio.   These orchids bloom from early summer though mid-autumn with flowers that can last for months in temperate climates. We recommend the phalaenposis orchid for beginners because they are generally easy maintain. In terms of aesthetic, these orchids offer a wide variety of color. White, yellow, pink, green, and yellow are colors that are available.