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Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Outdoor bonsai trees from ProFlowers are grown, packaged, and shipped to last longer than flowers, food, and most electronics. With prices starting at just $29.99, our trees make fantastic birthday and business gifts. Embedded in Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese culture, bonsais have always been presented as a truly meaningful gift. Each tree is different, and ProFlowers ships them with a detailed set of care instructions.

Outdoor Bonsai for Every Gifting Occasion

When you need outdoor Bonsai trees for sale, call ProFlowers for the best value, quality & more; our Bonsais are grown by experts before they reach you!   Considered an art in Japan, growing a Bonsai is definitely a fun-filled activity it’s also rife with history and tradition in Asian countries, and has traversed generations and boundaries to become a family tradition in the US as well. Bonsai gifts can bring health, wealth and more to a person who gives one and/or cultivates one; and ProFlowers has the best variety for you to send!   At ProFlowers, our expert Bonsai tree specialists plant and grow the Bonsais by hand so your delivery is of prime quality. Forget the toiling for hours to grow your tree outside; simply unwrap it from the packaging you receive it in and transplant it in your garden or in front of the hedges like you would any other shrub, tree or plant. Most of the growing states are taken care of before your Bonsai is delivered, so don’t sweat the details! Bonsais are just like other plants: follow the easy care instructions that are given to you with your delivery and the tree will grow just fine!   Check out ProFlowers’ impressive selection of outdoor Bonsai trees (or even indoor and flowering varieties) they’ll surprise your green thumb family members, co-workers or friends, anytime! If you need outdoor Bonsai trees delivered, simply choose any from the lovely selection ProFlowers offers: your recipient won’t soon forget the gesture! Plus, we at guarantee that you can’t find anywhere else some of the magnificent offerings that we have in our Bonsai collection. For example, the striking Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Bonsai Dish Garden cannot be found anywhere but ProFlowers! So make sure you also check out all the selections available to you for delivery at   Order a Bonsai for the special someone in your life; all ProFlowers plants come with easy-care instructions and if your chosen tree happens to be a flowering Bonsai, we promise your deliveries are made so that the recipient witnesses the entire blooming cycle, which is simply beautiful, whether indoors or out! This means you or your recipient get long-lasting enjoyment! We also have a seven-day freshness guarantee. Plus, if you’d like, you can pair your outdoor Bonsai tree delivery with another gift like a box of chocolates or a special heartfelt greeting card.   When you send outdoor Bonsai online from ProFlowers, you’ll understand what a quality and value it is to send flowers and plants today! We don’t skimp on those things or on freshness! We deliver to New York, Boston, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, and all other cities and towns nationwide. Follow the simple steps when caring for your Bonsai or head to for additional information.