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Housewarming Flowers

Brighten up a friend or family member’s new home with some beautiful housewarming flowers. Here at ProFlowers, we make it easy to send lovely housewarming flowers that are guaranteed to impress.

Are flowers a good housewarming gift?

Yes! Flowers are a good gift for all occasions, but sending flowers for a housewarming gift is a particularly great way to welcome someone into a new home.

Why go with flowers for a housewarming gift? Because when you move into a new home, it can take a while to get situated. Keeping a bouquet of fresh flowers in your new living space can energize it, add a pop of color, and make it feel a bit more like a real home.

How much is appropriate for a housewarming gift?

When it comes to sending housewarming flowers, there's no need to break the bank. That's why we offer a variety of flowers for under $50, in addition to a number of other affordable gifts. Some housewarming gifts you can get without spending a fortune include:

What kind of flowers should I get for a housewarming gift?

If you're ordering housewarming flowers, there's no one color that you have to get. In fact, if you want to get something that'll really liven up a new space, you might get an arrangement that includes an assortment of different colors. Shop our multi-colored bouquets to find something that will really stand out.

If you want some flowers that represent the excitement that comes with moving into a new place, then browse our congratulations flowers. There, you'll find all of our most elegant arrangements, reserved for those special moments.

Is it safe to get flowers delivered?

Absolutely! You can rest assured knowing your new home flower delivery is in good hands. Customer service is our #1 priority - we handle every order with care and ensure that it arrives fresh, in good condition, and on time.