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Multi-Colored Flower Bouquets & Arrangements

Can't decide on a focal color for your delivery of flowers? Choose from Proflowers' amazing selection of multi-colored flower arrangements! Our best mixed bouquets come in brilliant hues of reds, blues, yellows, greens, and more – all mixed together in one arrangement. Send a friend or loved one a multi-colored flower bouquet today with optional same day delivery.

Have Multi-Colored Bouquets Delivered for Any Season

Flowers have a unique ability to inspire joy and lift one's spirits. With a huge variety of bright colors and stunning designs to choose from, you can have the right multi-colored bouquet delivered for any occasion. Want to bring some of fall's changing colors indoors? Try a mixed arrangement of fragrant orange tulips and yellow carnations. A bouquet of pink carnations, bright yellow sunflowers, and white Peruvian lilies can do wonders to bring some spring sunshine into your dining room!

Romantic Multi-Colored Floral Arrangements Show How Much You Care

While red roses are often given as romance flowers, a mixed bouquet of multi-colored roses can be a fun and unique twist on this traditional arrangement. Your sweetheart will be delighted at a display of classically elegant rose petals bursting with splashes of yellow, red, pink, and purple. Want to surprise someone special with something truly original? Have a bouquet of multi-color rainbow roses delivered right to their home or office!

Brighten Up the Holidays With a Colorful Centerpiece

The holidays are a great time to have a festive multi-color bouquet delivered for the whole family to enjoy. Peach carnations, orange roses, and deep burgundy dahlias perfectly capture the warmth and changing fall colors of Thanksgiving, while the bright red and green leaves of poinsettias contrast beautifully with snow-white Peruvian lilies in Christmas centerpieces.   For spring holidays, white and yellow Easter lilies are a stunning focal point in a mixed arrangement accented with pink and purple tulips. You can also capture your sense of deep pride and exciting new beginnings for a recent graduate with a bouquet of red roses, pink or orange lilies, and purple snapdragons!

Find Stunning Multi-Colored Bouquets Online

At ProFlowers we make it easy to select from dozens of multi-colored bouquets online and have them delivered fresh right to your door. From seasonal arrangements and holiday centerpieces to florist-designed special occasion bouquets and "just because" flowers, you're sure to find something to brighten up your space. We even have some options for multi-colored bouquets delivered on the same day!