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USA Flowers

No matter where in the USA you need your flowers delivered, ProFlowers is up for the job. For over 20 years we have been experts in flower delivery in the USA. We operate nationally, so you never have to worry about whether your flowers will arrive fresh and on time. Maine to SoCal, Oregon to Florida, and even from Alaska to Hawaii — ProFlowers delivers.

How do flowers get sent from a different country?

If you’re living outside the US, or even if you’re just arranging a gift while on vacation, you can still have flowers delivered anywhere within the United States for the same price as you would if you were home. Just log on to ProFlowers, select your delivery option, and your flowers or plant will be delivered straight to your special someone’s door.   If you’re hoping to deliver flowers to someone abroad, you’re in luck! ProFlowers’ parent company FTD can also make deliveries outside the United States to select countries. Read our page with more details about international deliveries to learn about shipping rates. And, if you’re in Canada, visit our FTD Canada site for more info!

Where do flowers delivered to the US come from?

ProFlowers sources from growers all around the world. After all, different flowers require their own ideal climates to grow as beautifully and healthily as possible. Whether they’re Peruvian lilies, exocit irises, or all-American sunflowers, we source our flowers from countries and growers that produce the freshest, most vibrant bouquets on the market.   Of course, once we’ve brought our flowers home to the US, they can be shipped anywhere from coast to coast. Rest assured that our fast and efficient shipping will bring our flowers to your recipient’s door as vibrant and alive as they were back on the farm.

How much does it cost to send flowers to the US?

If you’re abroad and thinking of sending a gift to someone back home, ProFlowers can help. Whether it’s a playful bouquet of daisies or an elegant orchid, flower delivery in the USA is available at our regular rates no matter the location. However, be aware that some price variation by location does apply,  including in Alaska and Hawaii. It’s easy to send flowers to the USA from abroad with Proflowers’ wide selection and same-day delivery options!