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What is the most unique flower?

There are many factors that make a flower unique, from its shape, color, and aroma to its availability. Some of the world’s most unique flowers include:
  • Jade Vine
  • Common Sundew
  • Bat Face Cuphea
  • Sea Holly
  • Snake’s Head Fritillary
These unique flowers aren’t usually included in take-home arrangements, but ProFlowers offers unique flower bouquets of all varieties—whether you’re looking for an exciting combination that includes alstroemeria, lilies, mums, peruvian lilies, roses, or an arrangement featuring Orange Asiatic Lilies.

What is the rarest flower on earth?

When it comes to flowers, rarity usually depends on region, the ability to cultivate said bloom, or even a protected status. Some of the rarest flowers on earth include:
  • Rothschilds Slipper Orchid
  • Juliet Rose
  • Flame Lily
  • Lady’s Slipper Orchid
  • Franklin Tree Flower
  • Koki’o
  • Ghost Orchid
  • Chocolate Cosmos
While these flowers might be nearly impossible to get your hands on, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for ordinary. Our unique flower arrangements combine a variety of beloved blooms including the rare iris flowers as well as orchids and lavender flowers, to create an arrangement that will take their breath away.

Does ProFlowers have very unique flowers for sale?

Yes, ProFlowers specializes in creating arrangements using both classic and unique flowers, including:
  • Orange Asiatic Lilies
  • Red Alstromeria
  • Orange Roses
  • Blue Roses
  • Fuchsia Carnations
What makes our arrangements truly extraordinary is the creative combinations of flowers and plants we use to make bouquets unlike any other. Some of our unique floral arrangements, like our Zen flowers or modern flowers, are designed to exude a certain quality, while others rely on the juxtaposition of unique colors and shapes to create an eye-catching display.   For a unique flower delivery that your loved one won’t soon forget, order online with ProFlowers today. Our unique flower arrangements can be delivered every day of the week (even if you need same-day delivery) and are available at a price point for every budget.