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Flowers for Mom

Your mom deserves flowers on Mother’s Day—it’s just a fact of life! This May, honor your mom by giving her the gift of a stunning, dazzling bouquet. Browse our options of bright, fresh, and lovely flowers to find the perfect thing to say thank you, then simply select the date and address for where they will be delivered. We at Proflowers will take care of the rest!

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Flowers for Mom from Proflowers

What flower symbolizes a mother?

Carnations are the most frequently gifted flower on Mother’s Day, as their bright petals and ample blooms symbolize love, purity, respect, and affection. However, you’re not only limited to carnations on Mother’s Day! Plenty of other flowers symbolize important messages that you’ll want to send to your mom. For example:   ●     Sunflowers symbolize joy, mirth, and happiness—as well as the turning of Springtime. ●     Roses symbolize love, passion, and sincerity: all emotions you should have for your mom! ●     Daisies are a fun and playful option to give your mom for a cheery representation of springtime. ●     Tulips are colorful, joyful, and minimalist for a sleek and cute Mother’s Day present. ●     Flower baskets are a fun and creative way to deliver flowers for mom. ●     Mixed flower arrangements put all these lovely sentiments together!   Whatever flowers you choose to go with, Proflowers has some of the best in the business. Our gorgeous flowers are delivered straight to your door, so you can know that your mom is getting the mom flowers she deserves.

What color roses should I get my mom?

If you’re wondering “should I send flowers for my mom?” we’ve got the answer for you: yes! One of our favorite options is, of course, the classic: roses. Roses are a timeless display of love and affection, and will surely be prized by your mom this Mother’s Day! Not sure what color? Here’s what a few different options symbolize:   ●     Yellow roses represent joy, love, happiness, and excitement. ●     Pink rose bouquets represent love, sweetness, femininity, and affection. ●     Red roses represent passionate love—a good option for your wife if she’s a mother! ●     White roses represent purity and respect, great for a mother-in-law. ●     Blue roses are a fun and interesting option, great for quirky aunts and grandmas on Mother’s day!   Whatever color roses you decide to get for your mom, remember that the best way to make your mom feel truly appreciated on her special day is by pairing your bouquet with delicious gourmet treats. Proflowers offers chocolates, cookies, charcuterie, and more so that you can always show your mom the love she’s earned. And, with Proflowers, you can rest assured that your flowers for mom will arrive promptly, fresh as can be!