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14th Anniversary Gifts

ProFlowers has the right 14th anniversary flowers, orchids, in almost as many colors and styles as long-marrieds have seen anniversary years! Order today for fast and fresh delivery for your own or your parents’ anniversary from ProFlowers.

14th Anniversary Flowers

Get 14th anniversary flowers, orchids, delivered same day, overnight, next day or on any scheduled date. With on-time delivery to every state in the U.S., ProFlowers guarantees you’ll have orchids in grateful arms wherever you live. unique anniversary gift ideas can be hard to come by when people have shared a household for 14 years. Arriving with easy-to-follow care instructions, the anniversary orchid could last decades. An orchid spray consists of tiny blooms, more amazing due to their size. Single or double stem orchid plants typically bring attention to the intricacy of individual blooms. Order 14th anniversary gifts, orchids, easily at ProPlants. Our customer service team helps you choose the right plant and delivery date.   Order 14th anniversary flowers fast online or over the phone with ProFlowers. Send flowers to any state in the U.S. today! If you need gifts for another year, our customer service representatives can tell you about all of our other traditional anniversary gifts by year. While orchids may look delicate, they actually grow wild from rocks, the sides of trees and sand in some areas. Pulling much of their needed moisture from the air, orchids can get very dry before their lives are threatened. Send 14th anniversary flowers, orchids, with ProFlowers’ same-day, one-day, two-day or scheduled delivery to any state in the U.S. Easy ordering and a dedicated customer service team makes the process fast.   Buy the right anniversary gifts online with research from ProFlowers. Order orchids, the customary choice for the 14th wedding anniversary for over 100 years now. Experts have chosen yearly anniversary flowers by the sentiments they represent. Where the sophisticated orchid represents a long and mature marriage, the Gerbera daisy’s color and light reflect the still fresh feel of the union. Celebrate your long union with an orchid flower gift, the traditional choice since Victorian times.   Send appropriate anniversary flowers to parents and other loved ones. ProPlants’ white, purple or kaleidoscope orchids dazzle any recipient. Easy online ordering! These gorgeous blooms draw attention anywhere they sit. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to track your package or address any concerns you may have. Get the right flowers for 14th Anniversary, orchids to every state in the U.S. ProFlowers customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that you’ll be pleased with both the gift and the delivery.