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Add some pizazz to your next celebration with cake pops in either whimsical or classic styles. Providing just enough chocolate to satisfy any craving, cake pops are easy to order, distribute and eat! 

Cake Pops from ProFlowers

What’s the secret to turning a simple party into a celebration? Why an assortment of the most rich and delicious cake pops, of course. The tender little balls of gooey chocolate cake goodness come covered in a smooth confection shell and optional icing swirls, nuts, chocolate chips or charming designs. These are more than dessert. They’re conversation pieces.   Girls and boys will love Halloween cake pops to enjoy as they trick or treat. Send the expectant mother a special delivery of precious baby shower cake pops that are almost too adorable to eat. Brides, grooms and guests will love our wedding cake pops dressed in their tuxedos and fancy gowns. Each cake pop is hand decorated by our icing artists. Hostesses looking for gourmet desserts don’t need to rely on standard bakery fare. Instead they can order unique cake pops and have them delivered, giving them time to enjoy the party.   When you can’t be with friends and loved ones on important days, a considerate alternative is to send Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter cake pops or birthday cake pops. Sending cake pops through ProFlowers is as easy as pressing a few buttons or picking up the phone. Many people send cake pops because they’re such a reasonably priced way to send thoughts and sentiments to those gathering without them.   Those who wonder how to make cake pops can find the instructions easily online. The recipe for the right cake pop may not lie in the cake itself, but in the icing. Grocery and cookware stores sell all kinds of icings and tools to recreate the detail of the cake pops you can find online. Brownie pops, an alternative to the typical cake pop, have a heavier texture and taste.   If your time is tight, you can always buy cake pops from ProFlowers. We guarantee they’ll arrive fresh and delectable. ProFlowers is dedicated to becoming a leader in customer service. Trust ProFlowers to brighten your party with a variety of tempting gourmet desserts.