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Teachers Flowers & Gifts

As excited as your little one is to come to school each day, it’s likely their teacher is just as excited. Educators work hard all year long, and deserve appreciation throughout the school year. Spread the joy of education with your child’s teacher by browsing our collection of teacher gifts. Choose from Starbucks gift baskets filled with delicious brews and yummy treats, or send a bouquet to a special teacher’s classroom for a surprise they won’t soon forget.  

Thank You Teacher Gifts

Your child’s teacher works hard to give your child the scholarly foundation they need to succeed years down the road. They do so much for our children, and their dedication doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. Find beautiful teacher gifts for an educator that goes above and beyond to cultivate young minds.  

Personalized Teacher Gifts

The best teacher gifts are crafted with the recipient in mind. That’s why we’re proud to offer a variety of personalized teacher gifts. Create a custom mug with a sweet message, add their name to a set of holiday coasters, or create a custom bouquet by choosing between a variety of vase designs.  

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

There’s no wrong time to celebrate a dedicated educator. Whether you’re looking for teacher Christmas gifts during the holiday season or you’d like to create personalized teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day, come to ProFlowers for all of your gifting needs.