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ProFlowers Sympathy Collection

From beautiful floral arrangements and potted plants to elegant gift baskets, ProFlowers’ Sympathy Collection offers an assortment of lovely options for you to send a tasteful message of heartfelt condolences to a grieving loved one. We understand the importance of the moment. Our team of florists work masterfully and meticulously to deliver the very best on your behalf.

What are Classic Sympathy Flowers?

When someone passes, sympathy flowers are a loving way to show compassion to their family and friends. Making it easy for you to select and send, ProFlowers has curated an exquisite Sympathy Collection online featuring classic sympathy flowers, such as orchids, roses, carnations and hydrangeas. By far the most popular sympathy flower is the white lily, as it symbolizes the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed. Choosing by color? White conveys spirituality, red embodies love and admiration, pink connotes grace and yellow speaks of friendship. Provide comfort and express your condolences with an ProFlowers sympathy flower delivery to their home or office today.

Show your Support with a Sympathy Gift

Giving gifts is known to build connections and strengthen bonds. What better way to let someone know you are always there than with a thoughtful sympathy gift from ProFlowers? A potted plant is a sympathy gift that delivers benefits well beyond the initial cheer-up when receiving it. For someone dealing with loss, caring for a potted plant can be therapeutic, helping to reduce depression, anxiety and stress. Flowering plants, such as our Sunshine & Joy Garden, can also boost mood and aid in relaxation. ProFlowers' potted plants are a wonderful sympathy gift to allow the deceased's memory to live on.

Grief, along with the stress of handling funeral preparations and final affairs, can be taxing on a body. ProFlowers' Sympathy Collection online also offers stunning gourmet food and spa gift baskets, the perfect reminder to take time for yourself to replenish and recharge.

Same Day and International Delivery for Sympathy Flowers and Gifts

Timing can be everything when it comes to being there for a friend or family member mourning the loss of a loved one. Let them know you're by their side even when you can't be with a beautiful sympathy flower arrangement or sympathy gift with same day delivery. Need to send your sympathy flowers or gifts internationally? We can help you here as well.