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St. Patrick's Day Flowers

Do you know any proud Irish folk who you want to celebrate on St. Patrick’s day? Browse our selection of beautiful flowers to send a ray of sunshine to those in your life who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The most popular St. Patrick’s Day flowers and plants are white roses, gold blooms, and fresh green plants or arrangements. Ordering bouquets online with ProFlowers is easy and affordable!

What flowers should I send on St. Patrick's Day?

If you know someone who would be happy to receive a delightful St. Patrick's day bouquet, you have a few options. Consider these striking blooms as you start your search:

  • White roses, which add a bright accent to the dark green stems, showing off the best of the season.
  • Orange and white mixed bouquets, which together with green stems and leaves, are the color of the Irish flag! Sure to bring pride to any Irish person you know.
  • A St. Patrick's Day bouquet accented with clovers, a traditional symbol of the holiday and of Ireland as well.

All of these flowers will surely add a festive touch to any St. Patrick's Day Celebration.

Should I deliver St. Patrick's Day floral arrangements?

While St. Patrick's day might not be everyone's first thought for a flower-sending holiday, the truth is that you can never go wrong with a striking and joyful bouquet, no matter the holiday. If you know someone for whom the holiday is particularly important, you can light up their day even more by gifting them a beautiful St. Patrick's day flower delivery.

If you really want to get into the spirit of the holiday, consider pairing your bouquet with some of these lovely gifts:

  • Tasty shortbread or a cookie basket, a traditional Irish meal
  • A six pack of Irish stout beer, to help your friends celebrate the holiday
  • A bottle of Irish whiskey as a fun and classy option
  • A snack basket to help keep their belly full on a day full of festivities

ProFlowers makes delivering flowers for St. Patrick's Day quick and easy, so don't hesitate to show your love to the lucky Irish person - or really anyone else in your life! - this St. Patrick's day.